Terminator : Dark Fate – Review

Terminator: Dark Fate presents an atmosphere of stories that will take us back to the original Terminator movie.
In this film, as in the trailer, there will be a classic meeting between Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton and T800, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If in the previous two films, Terminator: Salvation and Terminator: Genisys the story has been expanded, in this film, we will again be trapped in the same storyline. Terminator: Dark Fate also has no connection to the two films. The story continues from their second film, namely Terminator: Judgment Day and TV series Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicle.

Oh yeah, Games Online dan Offline before going deeper into this film, there are a few things you should know. The Terminator currently has several timelines, from the first film, the second, and the TV series referred to as ‘main storyline’. The rest can be considered as ‘alternate storyline’.

The problem with Terminator: Dark Fate is a completely new future. As is known, Sarah and John succeeded in destroying Skynet, who is an AI who is an enemy of humanity in the future.

Instead, there was a new AI called Legion. Just like the previous story, the legion leader sent terminator robots to target human rebel leaders who threatened the existence of Legion.

This time, the main target is Dani Ramos, played by Natalia Reyes. He was an ordinary Mexican factory worker, but was confused after he and his brother were chased by the Terminator from the factory where they worked.

He was later rescued by Grace, played by Mackenzie Davis. Not long after, Sarah also participated in the rescue mission. Finally, they are together to survive.

The storyline is accompanied by a little plot twist. However, actually if the plot twist is removed, the storyline will not change at all. This twist plot only exists to emphasize Grace’s main reason for wanting to return to the past only to save Dani. In addition, there is no other reason why the story writer included the plot twist.

In this film, it seems the writer also wants to show a different feminine toughness. Naturally, the three main characters are all women.

Grace is a military doctor with a formidable and self-sacrificing mindset. While Sarah is a person who is tired of the world, and a character who knows everything that turns trauma into aggressive cynicism.

While Dani was originally a type of naive person who always had to be removed from every new battle because of his feelings wrapped in sadness and terror. But, at the end of the story, she becomes a strong woman, and does not want to leave anyone dead, even if she has to sacrifice anything.

There are some fresh aspects of this film, the latest model Terminator. This robot has several new technology options designed to make the ‘hunt’ in the film more unpredictable.

They also combine two terminators in one body, namely T2 and ordinary terminator robots. Yes, the terminator in this film can separate and unite themselves as they wish.

The displacement of the story line, CGI, and others looks perfect with very little ‘defect’ in it. Taking pictures are also quite interesting. The chase using helicopters and military aircraft is also very amazing. And of course, all the actors who play in this film can be very able to bring out their respective characters.

This film will be very interesting for those who are watching the franchise for the first time. Terminator: Dark Fate has a fairly new storyline, with only having to consume a little information from the previous film.

But, for those of you who have watched all the Terminator films, my suggestion is that you better sit down and enjoy the film without giving any spoilers regarding the previous film if you are watching with someone who is watching the film for the first time.

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