The Art of Self Defense

Jesse Eisenberg will appear as a youth full of obsession with karate in his latest film, The Art of Self Defense. This film is a humorous film with dark and dark nuances, so it is touted as a dark comedy genre film.

Casey Davies (Jesse Eisenberg) is a well-mannered, socially awkward accountant who seems incompatible with his work environment. Casey was confronted with a motorcycle gang that brutally attacked him. He was given time off from work to recuperate, he grew insecure, strongly considering buying firearms for protection. He found the karate dojo, led by Sensei, Casey took advantage of the free trial class, choosing to take classes more days than buying a gun.

Casey meets Anna the brown belt who teaches children’s classes, and befriends Henry the blue belt. Casey performed well and he was promoted to the yellow belt. Sensei invited Casey to the dojo night class, more brutally than the regular class. Henry joined uninvited, but when he was contacted to help demonstrate, Sensei broke his elbow and took him out of the dojo.  

The debate session, Anna brutally beat Thomas, a black belt student, aimed at proving her skills at Sensei regardless of her gender, according to sensei to disqualify her from the black belt. Casey returned to work and this became a firm employee. When he became arrogant he punched his boss’s throat and he was dismissed. Games Online dan Offline

Casey explained to Sensei, he took classes in response to his traumatic experiences when he was attacked by a gang. Sensei then tells him that he saw one of the gangs in the bar, pushing him to attack the suspect. Casey injured him but found Sensei recording the confrontation, realizing that the suspect was innocent.

Casey was confused back home to find his dog passed out and was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital, traumatized because it resembled a blow from a technique that Casey remembered to learn. Casey returned to the dojo accusing Sensei of killing his dog but he denied. At night the whole class went on a motorbike that Casey seemed familiar with, with orders to attack people who were alone.

As colleagues Anna and Casey targeted undercover police. Anna was shot in the leg, Casey killed the policeman. Casey brought Anna home. Casey returned to the dojo to investigate further. Casey later found out some disturbing things like the functioning Crematorium, Henry’s body hung with his own blue belt, the target list and a series of video tapes confirm Sensei and some of his own classmates including Thomas and Anna, as the motorcycle gang that attacked him.

Casey found Anna preventing the gang from executing her during the attack. Sensesi returned in the morning, Casey challenged him to death. Casey killed Sensei and in the evening class Casey explained to other students he killed Sensei. Casey is responsible for maintaining the new dog he found.

Casey then promotes Anna to a black belt and she becomes the new sensei, teaching her beliefs about the battle of compassion for cruel aggression. Casey was further promoted teaching children’s classes instead.

The Art of Self-Defense is a satirical film that insinuates all the time, even as if laughing at it, the traditional view of masculinity. And I must say, the way to insinuate is really hilarious.

Jesse Eisenberg once again plays the character of a cowardly geeky man who then develops defeating his weaknesses. And he seems more able to unleash his potential when playing a character like that, like he did in the film Zombieland.

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