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The Babysitter: Killer Queen amplifies the original feel of the first film, making it a parody, or even a shitpost. Yes, the form of uploads on the internet (the majority of which are comedic) were deliberately made carelessly in order to provoke a strong reaction. Whether or not you can enjoy this film depends on “Can you receive a shitpost?”. If the answer is “capable”, then you will love the absurdity and like when the film suddenly features a Street Fighter-style battle scene, complete with a life bar and fireball skills.

Two years after the events of The Babysitter (2017), Cole (Judah Lewis) is now in high school, still a victim of bullying due to being considered insane. Due to the lack of evidence, people refuse to believe that Cole was nearly killed by Bree (Samara Weaving) and the devil worshipers. Only her best friend, Melanie (Emily Alyn Lind) believes. Top Movie Site

Cole still likes Melanie. Every time he interacted with his crush, the people around Cole moved slowly, as if the world belonged only to the two of them. But like the joke of “Good girls like bad guys”, Melanie is actually dating Jimmy (Maximilian Acevedo), a handsome, burly man with a typical frat boy annoying personality. When he finds out that his parents are secretly sending him to psychiatry school, Cole accepts Melanie’s invitation to run away to spend a weekend at a party on a lake with Jimmy and his friends.

Cole thought, this is his chance to win back the girl’s heart. A large condom has been prepared, and everything seems to be going well at first, until the bloody terror of the devil worshiper group returns to Cole. I’m not going to reveal how that happened, but don’t forget, it’s a “film shitpost”. The script by director McG (Charlie’s Angels, Terminator Salvation, The Babysitter), along with three other writers, offers no plausible explanation based on logic.

All origin, all inconsequential. Including when The Babysitter: Killer Queen made the mystical element — which was guarded by its ambiguity by the first film — into reality, in order to bring back the bloodthirsty teenagers who we know very well their characteristics from death. But now Cole is not alone. Phoebe (Jenna Ortega), a new student with a dark past, is also dragged into the chase that spills more blood. Best Movie

Remember when Bee and his friends slaughtered a geeky teenager and made his blood spurt like being thrown from a bucket? The scene appeared more and more frequently, with nearly every death, which McG, executed in a more gory, more over-the-top manner, with a creativity that still deserves praise. And as already mentioned, some random, absurd scenes are tucked in every now and then, which in effect, can be annoying, but can also add to the enjoyment. I felt a second impact.

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Not much ….. well, to be precise there is nothing this film has to offer but gallons of blood. Issues such as PTSD, to teen angst, which involve discussion of the use of various types of drugs by teenagers in order to survive the hardships of life, are all just patches. But who expected in-depth exploration of a film called The Babysitter: Killer Queen? And when Samara Weaving came back, with an aura that was still just as strong, her comforting power was complete. No matter it appears it is deus-ex-machina (or diabolus-ex-machina?) Which solves all problems.

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