The Beast – Synopsis

Fans of the crime genre and thriller must watch this upcoming Korean film. The film is titled The Beast. This film tells the story of two detectives in Korea. They are trying to solve a murder case that shook Korea.

The first detective is named Jeong Han Soo. Jeong Han Soo is working to catch a notorious killer. Games Online dan Offline

One day, a new murder case occurred that could provide clues to catch the killer he was looking for. To get these clues, he covered up this new murder case.

The Beast
The Beast

Meanwhile, there is another detective named Han Min Tae. Detective Jeong Han Soo and Detective Han Min Tae are two people who became rivals.

Han Min Tae smells something wrong with Jeong Han Soo. Finally, he found out if Jeong Han Soo was covering up a murder case. That made him try to catch Han Soo.

The Beast was worked on by director Lee Jung Ho. Lee Jung Ho has worked on several thriller films several times, namely in the films Broken (2014) and Best Seller (2010). The film distributed by Next Entertainment World is played by famous actors and actresses in Korea, such as Lee Sung Min, Yoo Jae Myung, Jeon Hye Jin and Daniel Choi.

In addition, there are also Kim Dae Gon, Kim Eun Hye, Kim Ho Jung, Ok Ja Yeon, Kim Byung Choon, and Han Kyu Won who also starred in this film. Intrigued by the ending of Detective Han Soo’s story? Will he succeed in solving this murder mystery?

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