The Call of the Wild – Review

The Call of the Wild will be the first film that tells the story of friendship between humans and animals released in 2020. The presence of this film is very suitable to be watched with people closest to you like your beloved family because it has the genre of adventure, drama, and family.

This film tells Games Online dan Offline the story of a dog named Buck who was kidnapped from his home to be carried to the snow plains in Alaska. There Buck was found by someone and joined a group of dog pulling a delivery carriage letter. In addition, Buck is also known as a noble hearted dog and likes to help anyone throughout his adventure.

The story in this film is adapted from a novel book of the same name by Jack London and published in 1903.
And was made in 1935 with the same title. The film stars Clark Gable and Loretta Young.

This exciting adventure film directed by Chris Sanders. Previously, he was known through the films “How to Train Your Dragon” (2010) and “The Croods” (2013).

Harrison Ford is the main character and plays John Thornton. This film also stars MCU actress, you know! Karen Gillan, known from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2017) was present in the role of Marcedes. In addition, there are other Hollywood artists such as Dan Stevens, Cara Gee, Bradley Whitford, Omar Sy and many more. The most interesting fact is that dogs in this film actually use the CGI effect, you know, and not real dogs.

Come on, watch with the closest person. Games Online dan Offline

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