The Case of Itaewon Homicide – Review

The film is based on a true story that involves two American students Arthur Patterson and Edward Lee who were named suspects for the murder of a Korean student Jong Pil Jo in the toilet at a fast food restaurant. The film is titled “Itaewon Murder Case” and is also known as the “Burger King Murder” murder that occurred on April 13, 1997 at Burger King’s Fast Food Restaurant

The police had difficulty finding the perpetrators of the killings that occurred at the Restaurant because there were no traces left at the scene because when they arrived at the scene the location was clean as if there had never been a murder there. Until then there were witnesses who saw that before the incident there were 2 students who entered the in the toilet along with Jong Pil Jo’s murder.

With some information from several witnesses and also doing crime scene, finally the police found a bright spot on who was the suspect for Jong Pil Jo’s murder, namely Pearson and Alex, who on the night of the incident were hanging out with their bully friends at the fast food restaurant.

But apparently it was not easy to uncover the motives behind the murder because Pearson and Alex each had their own alibis. Even then both of them attacked each other with their alibi. And then both of them accused each other if one of them was the real killer. Pearson who claimed not to speak Korean made Prosecutor Park very upset because he believed there was something hidden by Pearson but he had not yet found the evidence.

Not to mention when the police did a re-enactment at the crime scene, it seemed that Pearson was very familiar with all the movements carried out by Alex when he killed, he could even memorize the number of stabs made by Alex on Jong Pil Joo’s body and did the re-engineering with no feeling at all.

But it turns out Alex’s alibi was not too strong because after coming out of the toilet he had confessed to his friend if he had just killed a person and he did it just to have fun to test the power of the knife he had just bought !!. And then the judge decided that Alex was guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Jong Pil Jo murder case for seeing some incriminating evidence and Pearson was sentenced to 15 months in prison for allegedly hiding evidence and also carrying a sharp weapon in a public place. Games Online dan Offline

Alex’s father who did not accept his son in law for life appealed to the High Court and then after considering that the evidence was also not strong then the high court released Alex from sentence and also Pearson who got out faster from prison.

The Case of Itaewon Homicide
The Case of Itaewon Homicide

So who exactly is Jong Pil Jo’s killer, Pearson or Alex? And both admitted to the Panel of Judges that one of them was a murderer, because they were the only two who were at the scene.

And until now this case has not been solved after almost 12 years.

For those who like detective Conan or The X-Files, it is a pity to pass this drama because we will be invited to guess who the real killer of the alibi they are telling and from there we can pull the red thread.

Although for some things I noted there was something odd that could be made an indication that both of them were involved in the murder

Why Pearson could be made a murder suspect

1. He memorized the number of punctures Alex did on the body of the victim

2. When re-enacting in the toilet he stabbed the mannequins (who acted as victims) with great feeling and sincerity without hesitation

3. The color of the shoes when the film first started

4. when he has come out of prison looks light as satisfaction on his face

Why Alex can be made a murder suspect

1. He says that the killer posture is definitely higher than the prey (and seeing from this position Pearson’s posture is higher than the suspect)

2. Alex’s position when washing his hands in the toilet. Pearson could not have approached the victim

3. Alex’s statement “We did it”

So who do you think is the real killer? If you want to see and listen to Jang Geun Seok having a dialogue in English, you have to watch this drama because throughout the film he uses dialogue in English, although according to my English, it’s not too perfect but not …

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