The Closet – Synopsis

The Closet is the latest Korean film with a horror thriller genre. Directed by Kim Kwang-bin, starring Ha Jung-woo and Kim Nam-gil.

The Closet will tell the story of a father and daughter who began to turn away when the death of his wife and mother of the child. The incident that took place in the house after the death of his wife would haunt the character of the father and daughter. Games Online dan Offline

Director Kim Kwang-bin, who debuted the director with this film, revealed that the idea of ​​the film came after seeing his cupboard door suddenly open. As he said during the interview session “Maybe because I haven’t fully woken up yet, but it feels very scary like there is someone behind the cabinet door. Then later, I came up with the idea that it would be interesting to combine intense moments and drama genres into a film, “.

The story at The Closet begins with the misfortune of a man who lost his wife in an accident. Since the departure of his wife, Sang Won (Ha Jung Woo) has had a bad relationship with his only daughter, Yi Na (Heo Yool) who is always depressed.

The Closet
The Closet

To improve relations, Sang Won invited Yi Na to move to a new home. Since then, Yi Na has become more cheerful because she has a ‘new friend’.

Gradually, Sang Won realized that something was wrong with the signs of his daughter as if he had started drawing something scary. Until one day, Yi Na mysteriously disappeared.

Sang Won who was desperately looking for Yi Na was suddenly approached by Kyung Hoon (Kim Nam Gil) who claimed to be a priest exorcist. He was interested in the disappearance case of Yi Na which was broadcast on television. Kyung Hoon said Yi Na was in another dimension. The only door to the world where Yi Na is is the cupboard in Yi Na’s room. The mystery begins. Two men who do not know must work together against natural law

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