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Based on the novel of the same name by Donald Ray Pollock, The Devil All the Time opens its presentation by introducing Sergeant Willard Russell (Bill Skarsgård), who recently returned from his assignment in the Solomon Islands during World War II. From the name, it could be guessed that Willard was Arvin’s father. Willard marries a cafe waitress named Charlotte (Haley Bennett), and after Arvin is born, chooses to live in the remote hills of Knockemstiff.

Even though the years have passed, Willard is still haunted by the terrible incident when one of his comrades was crucified and tortured by Japanese soldiers. Willard kills his partner to end his suffering, not knowing that it will give him any prolonged suffering. Willard also made his own place of worship in the middle of the forest, put up a cross that reminded him of a traumatic incident, and invited little Arvin to pray there. Looking at Skarsgård’s eyes, we know Willard has never completely escaped the world’s hell, but has fallen even deeper. Top Movie Site

But that’s not all the story this film has. There’s about Helen (Mia Wasikowska), a religious girl who is married to Roy (Harry Melling), a radical preacher; Lenora (Eliza Scanlen), daughter of Helen with a religiosity similar to her mother, who meets Preston (Robert Pattinson) a pedophile pastor; married couple Carl (Jason Clarke) and Sandy (Riley Keough) who commit serial killings as a spiritual method to get closer to God; also Sheriff Lee (Sebastian Stan) the corrupt cop.

Apart from being the bestsellers, the Holland-Pattinson duo also gave the best performances among the ensemble cast. In the James Dean style, Holland shook off the “good teenage” image he acquired after playing Peter Parker, as a young man who doesn’t hesitate to resort to violence, because that’s what his father taught him. Meanwhile, Pattinson makes it easy for the audience to curse his character, but at the same time, stunned, at home staring at the screen every time he appears.

So many stories with different time and place settings can be handled by the script that was written by director Antonio Campos with his brother, Paulo Campos. Instead of being messy, the many branches actually make the speech tight, where the dynamics are always maintained without a single boring point. The use of voice over helps direct the audience to understand the details and the relationship between events which are quite complex. The novelist, Donald Ray Pollock, is the narrator in a deep, husky voice that amplifies the atmosphere. We are listening to an old man who has witnessed all the darkness of the world, telling stories accompanied by a bottle of whiskey. Best Movie

And it cannot be denied, The Devil All the Time is indeed dark. Very dark. Depressive nuances wrap stories filled with death, both murder and suicide, which, rather than sadism, emphasize psychological effects. Not to mention the matter of harassment, to other moral degradation. Whether or not all of this is debatable, but clearly not without purpose. Reading the plot excerpt above, apart from a few surprises that meet the paths of each character, maybe you can catch one more common thread, namely religiosity.

The majority of madness in character is based on devotion to God. But this is not a form of blaming religion, but a description of how terrible it is when the application of religion is interpreted by humans (read: Americans) who are unable to think clearly due to shocks in their souls. The shock, according to the film, started with war. That a mental problem caused by war can have a long and wide impact. It is even more terrible, because there is no sign that everything will end soon, when the rulers (state leaders, religious leaders) are still abusing their power. The characters act in the name of God, but it was the devil all the time. Movie Review

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