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No fewer than 147 lawsuits have been filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against the Trump administration. The first lawsuit came just a week after the inauguration, when Trump formalized an entry ban for Muslims. The Fight raised four of them. But the documentary by Elyse Steinberg and Josh Kriegman – this time forming a trio of directors with Eli B. Despres, who was their editor at Weiner (2016) – puts forward the human being, rather than the trio of proceedings.

In fact, emotions have been stirred from the first minute, when highlighting the immigrants who are threatened with deportation. We are reminded that this case involved human beings who were forcibly separated from their loved ones. Then we’re introduced to five ACLU lawyers: Brigitte Amiri, Joshua Block, Lee Gelernt, Dale Ho, and Chase Strangio. The five of them were involved in handling the four biggest cases, namely about abortion, LGBT in the military, voting rights, and immigrants. Top Movie Site

Not having much time to face the “Goliath” named “Donald Trump Administration”, the five “Davids” devote all their efforts so that they barely have time for the family at home, gathering material, conducting trial simulations (called “moot court”). They are fast and agile, and so are the films. The three directors wrapped The Gift with a fast tempo, without losing the neatness of their story, so that the general audience would have no trouble digesting the points surrounding the law and the trial.

Interestingly, we almost never enter the courtroom, given the prohibition against recording in some types of trials. Instead, several animated sequences are used, adding a variety of styles, in addition to conventional talking heads, and a vérité that captures the details of the activities of our five lawyers. While some of the footage, both Trump’s speech, and the recording of the narrative of his crooks, are effective in reminding the audience of how chaotic his regime is, which from the first second has shown the degradation of human values.

Unfortunately, once the intensity of the four cases has increased, where the problems become more and more complicated, it becomes increasingly difficult for the film to maintain a solid storytelling. It began to feel that the number of conflicts in The Fight exceeded what the makers were able to show. The dynamics have begun to be neglected to be guarded, as a result of the demands to summarize all cases, which take turns giving rise to new progress. Best Movie

Apart from these four cases, the hit-and-run tragedy in the middle of a demonstration in Charlottesville, has apparently not been ruled out. Controversy arose when the ACLU, based on the right to free speech, defended white supremacists and neo-Nazis to spread feelings. This matter also created differences of opinion among the top brass, and some members even opted out. But only a few facts are presented. Rather than exploration, its existence is limited to bonds, because it would feel awkward if the event was overlooked. The Charlottesville tragedy deserves its own documentary, which examines the complexities of the principles of free speech.

The Fight is not about that. The Fight is about oppressed minorities, and the abuse of power at the hands of the rulers that destroy humanity. David’s battle against Goliath, where easily, the audience will defend David. If not, then you are not the target market for this film, which depicts ACLU lawyers like real-world superheroes. Is it wrong? No, if you, like me, are among the target market, who believe that America is led by a supervillain in the real world. Movie Review

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