The Gentlemen – Review

This latest January 2020 film stars senior actors Matthew McConaughey and Colin Farrell. Judging from the trailer, it looks like power struggles and various elements of crime such as weapons and narcotics are found in the film The Gentleman.

The Games Online dan Offline Gentlemen are following the story of gangsters and marijuana business, who are getting resistance from people who want to control the business. Guy Ritchie took a number of top actors who made The Gentlemen worth watching. You will see the performances of Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, and Colin Farrel.

Crazy Rich Asians actor, Henry Golding, also listed his name in the player’s credit. Known as a charming protagonist, Golding’s role as a gangster named Dry Eye in The Gentleman, presents a different appearance.

The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen

From a number of actors involved, there is one that attracts attention. That is a comedy actor, Hugh Grant. Grant’s strong and funny performance was another factor that made The Gentlemen a film that could be enjoyed and enjoyable.

This story is presented from the perspective of Fletcher, the character Hugh Grant brought to the screen. The premise centers on Fletcher who wrote the story of Mickey Pearson (McConaughey) and told it to Ray (Hunnam).

Mickey Pearson is a gangster who dominates the sale of cannabis in the UK. Being a ruler makes Mickey the target of other gangsters who try to take the business. As a result, a lot of betrayal, violence and murder.

The number of scenes of violence and the use of language that is not polite, making The Gentlemen pocketed an R rating.

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