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One quote in The Half of It which reads “Doesn’t everyone think they’re different? But pretty much we’re all different in the same way “can be applied to such films. Is The Half of It a love story? Yes and no Is the packaging new? Some yes, some no.

The second film director and screenwriter Alice Wu after making history through Saving Face (2004) —a first Hollywood film with a Chinese-American central figure for more than a decade — is still a romance. It still involves a number of adolescents who (secretly) like each other, though not entirely, because the conclusions themselves try to reach something broader. There is freshness related to the way he handles love triangles, although now, romantic comedies that tend to be gentle rather than explosive in expressing taste, are simple rather than festive, displaying everyday people rather than beautiful, glamorous figures, are starting to create a new generality. Top Movie Site

Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) is a typical protagonist of today’s romantic comedy. His appearance was not feminine, alienated from the social environment, an exemplary student, though fortunately, Wu’s writing and Lewis’s appearance made him not so glamorous. Does not feel the aura of misery, although he still has a pessimistic perspective also skeptical. Ellie did not believe in God (which gave birth to some humor that sneaked at religiosity including the extraordinarily amusing chaos in the church towards the end of the story), nor did she view love logically.

Ellie used her intelligence to do business. He received the services of writing philosophical papers for his classmates. When Paul (Daniel Diemer) asks him to write something else, namely a love letter for Aster (Alexxis Lemire), a beautiful girl trapped in a relationship with a stupid alpha popular male, Ellie asks, how can Paul love someone he never interacted with directly.

Love doesn’t have to be logical. We can love someone we don’t really know. Even after meeting Aster, you will understand why Paul could fall in love. She was beautiful, her smile seemed to spread kindness, and most importantly, she was broad-minded. It is easy to sympathize with Aster, who has a stupid boyfriend, also a fake love letter that evokes false hopes, that there is a smart and kind man who can steal his heart. Best Movie

But Ellie wasn’t completely wrong either. Love is also a matter of knowing each other. Without it, there would be no connection, like what happened to Paul and Aster on a messy first date, where sucking up a milkshake was more often done than exchanging ideas.

The Half of It is not a treat teen angst. And because it has a queer protagonist, it doesn’t mean the film has to be full of messages as a protest-oriented spectacle. Alice Wu treats LGBT elements “only” as one part of the journey of teenagers looking for identity.

The Half of It wants to appear as realistic as possible, despite Ellie’s soaring popularity after a simple performance on stage, clearly not a form of realism. Also saving the problem is directing Alice Wu. Lack of explosions, tenders, which is a good intention to bring more intimacy, although often, the director is too busy playing visual symbolism, while trying hard to suppress the expression of taste so that the film does not have a mainstream face. But one point that shows the success of Alice Wu’s sensitivity lies in the ending, when for a few seconds, along with her character, we are invited to absorb peace in the moment. Like the moment seizes us, absorbs us into its existence. Movie Review

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