The Hate U Give – Review

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The film is based on a novel by Angie Thomas with the same title and tells the story of the struggle of a girl who lives in two different environments. Starr (yes, with two “R”) is quite a different person compared to his other friends. Starr, played beautifully by Amandla Stenberg, was born and raised in a slums and dangerous area, but his parents send him to a prestigious school. Schools that certainly students will go to college after graduation, instead of being damaged because of fights, drugs and pregnancy out of wedlock. This makes Starr must guard desperately some values ​​that have been instilled by his father since childhood. The balance is obligatory, until one day Starr met with his childhood friend, Khalil (Algee Smith). Top Movie Site

In a media screening event held by 20th Century Fox at Djakarta Theater, Jakarta, the audience was given two footage from the film ‘The Hate U Give‘. The first snippet is when Starr and his brother are given advice by their father about how they will have to behave, then time is progressing until Starr has become a high school kid. At this very moment Starr introduces us to the environment where the people live. A black environment that seems quite unpretentious even though there is a big threat from a drug lord whose character is played by Anthony Mackie.

The second trailer is when Starr meets with Khalil. Those who hadn’t seen each other in a long time, and had a great chat at a black party. Unfortunately, their meeting was so chaotic due to the shooting that everyone in the party burst out. However, Starr and Khalil casually left the place using Khalil’s car. Best Movie

In a short shot in the car, they continued their conversation while discussing rapper Tupac’s old songs, until in the corner of the street Khalil parked his car to talk about more intimate matters to Starr. Unlucky, when the conversation was over, the police car came and asked Khalil to show proof of driver’s license and vehicle registration. But Khalil’s gesture which was considered to have taken a weapon by the police, caused him to be shot dead by the policeman. In the official trailer that was also played later, at first glance it appears that the impact of the shooting finally had a long tail. Mass riots between white police and black residents were inevitable and confronted with each other. The film was directed by George Tillman Jr. (Faster, The Longest Ride) and starring Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby, Issa Rae, KJ Apa, Sabrina Carpenter, Common, and Anthony Mackie. Movie Review

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