The Himalayas – Review

The film is titled The Himalayas, a film adapted from the true story of Korean climbers who climbed the Himalayas directed by Lee Suk Hoon.

The film is based on the true story of the journey of Um Hong Gil (Hwang Jung Min) who took the body of his climbing friend, Park Mu Taek (Jung Woo) who is still left in the Himalayas. This film tells of a strong friendship between the two, which began during the ascent to the third highest mountain, Kangchenjunga in Nepal. After that they often set foot on the tops of the world. Games Online dan Offline

Unfortunately, Hong Gil had to hold back his steps to climb with Mu Taek to climb Everest because of the leg injury he experienced. Finally, Mu Taek who was his junior also led the climb. But the unlucky Mu Taek disappeared on the climb. Knowing that, Hong Gil climbed Everest in search of his best friend’s body. From then on, this inspiring story begins.

Actually the two did not really have a good relationship initially, Hong Gil who was not so concerned with mountain climbing techniques was often underestimated by Mu Taek.

The human side that is shown constantly in this film makes it interesting. Like a miracle, the view of the mountains covered with snow, the tenacity of the climbers, as well as the challenging elements displayed by the production team made their journey seem truly real and lively.

In reality, Um Hong Gil himself is a professional climber from South Korea who made it to the 14 highest peaks in the world in 12 months. For his success, he was awarded the Himalayan Crown in 2001.

The true story raised in the film itself he experienced in 2005. This is a story where a Hong Gil dared to give up his life to reach the highest peak in the world, about how he led the team and was responsible for the lives of team members and about the ferocity of nature.

In this film we can learn that besides the peak as a goal, safety and friendship ties are more important.

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