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The Impossible is a film based on the true story of the María Belón family who survived the 2004 tsunami. María with her husband, Enrique (Quique) vlvarez and their three children, Lucas (10), Tomás (8) and Simón (5) initially intended to celebrate the Christmas holiday by leaving for Khao Lak, Thailand. They stayed at the Orchid Resort Hotel which is adjacent to the beach. It was there that disaster approached them.

The day after Christmas, precisely on December 26, 2004, without warning Tsunami waves suddenly hit while they were playing in the pool.

“We began to hear terrible sounds. When I looked towards the sea there was a large black wall. I didn’t expect that to be the ocean. I thought it was a big wall that was heading in our direction, “María recalled.

The tsunami hit María and her family’s bodies until they were swallowed up by the giant waves. While underwater María felt her body hit the wall which then rumbled and was destroyed by the tsunami. María sank for more than three minutes, making her lungs filled with water. “I see a lot of light under the water, a tunnel with light at the end, which is what people say you will see when you are dying,” he explained.

When he finally made it to the surface, María found one of her children, Lucas, who was adrift in the rubble. He immediately swam to reach his son, they held on to a tree trunk and stayed there. During those times María could feel herself dying due to the many injuries and heavy bleeding she had experienced. His nose was broken, his leg was torn, as well as some of his internal organs.

After the water began to recede, a local resident found María and Lucas. They were immediately sent to the Takua Pa hospital in Southern Thailand so that María could get emergency surgery. María once thought that her husband and other children could not have survived the tsunami. But apparently Quique and his two sons survived. Previously Quique was separated from Simón and Tomás, but a miracle happened. He found Tomás saving himself in a tree while shouting his family name. Then about 40 minutes later he found Simón. Even though he was only 5 years old and was only good at swimming, Simón could take shelter by climbing into a tree.

The lucky Games Online dan Offline family later met again at the hospital and left Thailand to get treatment at the Singapore hospital on 29 December 2004.

The tragic and miraculous events experienced by the María Belón family gave her story an opportunity to be taken to the big screen. Is Juan Antonio Bayona, a Spanish director in charge of directing this film. Given the title Lo Imposible which was later translated into English into The Impossible, this disaster, thriller and historical fiction film starring Naomi Watts who played Maria and Ewan McGregor as Henry (Quique’s name was deliberately changed to Henry).

There is also a young actor Tom Holland, who was still 16 years old, playing the role of Lucas. Although now better known for its role as Spider-Man, the film The Impossible is in fact the first widescreen movie played by Tom Holland. In addition, do not miss the little actors Samuel Joslin and Oaklee Pendergast who played Thomas and Simon.

The film takes about 25 weeks to film in Spain and Thailand, where the unlucky event had previously taken place.

Not only shows how powerful the power of the tsunami at the time, The Impossible also shows how the real conscience of humans is still moved to help each other even though both are in difficult situations. Regardless of which country they come from, what language they speak or the fact they never knew each other before the disaster happened.

After the tsunami, María and Lucas were discovered by local residents who ensured they were immediately taken to the hospital. María said, “The man did not let me die. He pulled me through the mud for a long time until he made sure I was in the right hands.

” On the other hand, we can see how Henry and several other men exchanged surname information and tried to help one another. This was also done by Lucas while in the hospital. He recorded the names of missing people and looked for them throughout the hospital.

The success of The Impossible is also inseparable from the acting of capable players. Bayona, the director, allowed the players to do a lot of improvisation. “Ewan, Naomi and Tom explore their character in a very brutal way,” he said, showing how the acting of the players can impress him.

For those of you who have watched the film, you must feel very impressed with the skill of the players in playing their respective characters. Very natural and emotional. It makes us who can watch at least imagine and feel their feelings when the catastrophe occurred.

The Impossible received at least 28 awards and 69 nominations in various awards. Especially for Naomi Watts and Tom Holland, both received a lot of praise for their amazing acting.

Naomi Watts was even included in the Best Actress nomination at the 2013 Oscar awards, despite having to lose to Jennifer Lawrence with her role in the Silver Linings Playbook. Naomi was also included in the Best Actress nomination at the Golden Globe, SAG and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Not only Naomi, Tom Holland also gained many awards in this first film. Tom was nominated at several awards such as the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and the Cinema Writers Circle Awards. Tom Holland also won an award as Young British Performer of the Year at the London Critics Circle Film Awards.

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