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The Interview is a comedy film that leads to American-North Korean political problems. As you know, the relationship between the two countries is not harmonious, well, in this film, the relationship between the two countries is slightly teased through the packaging of vulgar comedy that has political smell. But fortunately this controversial film was not banned by the US, because this country is indeed the most liberal and protects the right to vote. In flashback, films like The Absolute Power and mini series 24 that offend the US frontally are also not silenced by them.

This film is not really WOW. However, the comedy which is a bit sarcastic and vulgar plus the setting of the story in North Korea is what makes the film appeal. So he said, yesterday’s attack on the Sony database and hackers from the North Korean cyber army was also triggered by this film. Top Movie Site

The initial story of this film is that there are 2 very famous presenters from America, their name is Dave Skylark (James Franco). He has a talk show called “Skylark Tonight” whose producer is his own friend, Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen). Their talk shows always invite famous celebrities who also make controversial statements, for example Eminem who claims to be gay.

Gradually, they are even bored with the success of their talkshow. And finally Dave had an idea for an interview with Kim Jong Un! Aaron was already skeptical and said it was impossible, but it turned out that Kim Jong Un happened to be a fan of the Skylark Tonight event. Thinking that these two are a golden opportunity, apart from interviewing other guests than others, this will make Skylark Tonight even more so.

The Interview
The Interview

After Aaron arranged a schedule with a representative from North Korea to meet Kim Jong Un, they were finally invited to North Korea. However, the news that they wanted to have a live interview with Kim Jong Un was heard by the CIA. The CIA has a plan to kill Kim Jong Un, through Dave Skylark’s hands. In Dave’s hand, it will be stuck like a sticky tape whose surface is poison, now it is poison if it comes into contact with the skin, it can cause death. Kim Jong Un will be expected to die of the poison, when Dave gives a shaking hand. Best Movie

Did this plan work? The problem is, when they arrived in North Korea, they were greeted very, very well, lol. Kim Jong Un became Dave’s best friend, they were really close. Drinking Margaritas together, listening to each other’s curses, playing with tanks, playing basketball, etc. This actually made Dave’s judgment on the figure of Kim Jong Un, who he said had changed, Kim Jong Un was not a bad person, and he didn’t even become killed Kim Jong Un.

This film is also full of provocative propaganda so that the North Korean people carry out a coup. Because “this film also made North Korea fire its beard. They immediately hacked Sony’s server, Sony Pictures officials were threatened to be killed, then this film was also temporarily postponed. Finally, on December 25, 2014, this film was released by Sony for the first time to the internet (rent $ 6, buy $ 15 on Google Play and XBOX).

As for acting, Seth Rogen is not bad. “His acting is always okay to be the second actor like in 50/50, Neighbors, and The Green Hornet. Now the problem is in James Franco, according to my subjectivity, he is rather over acting, then trying for Mike Myers and Jim Carrey are really wannabe.But yes, thumbs up is enough, for some scenes he’s been successful, how come he laughs. Movie Review

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