The Invisible Man – Review

Are you a fan of psychological horror films? There is a movie The Invisible Man that will haunt you in theaters. With a mixture of sci-fi genres, this film was produced by Leigh Whannell (Insidious). Intrigued by the film?

The Invisible Man film tells the story of Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) who is trapped in a toxic relationship with a rich and brilliant scientist named Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). Adrian is possessive, abusive, and manages everything Cecilia does.

Cecilia also tried Games Online dan Offline to escape at night when her husband was fast asleep. He is assisted by his sister, Emily (Harriet Dyer). Cecilia managed to escape from Adrian’s figure. He lives in the house of their childhood friend, James (Aldis Hodge), so Adrian doesn’t know his whereabouts.

One day there was news that Adrian died of suicide and left most of his enormous wealth in Cecilia. At first Cecilia was relieved but felt something was watching her.

Adrian’s death did not make Cecilia completely calm, many strange incidents came to her. Cecilia’s sanity began to be questioned by the people around her, when she desperately tried to prove that she was being hunted by someone who could not be seen, namely the figure of Adrian.

The Invisible Man movie is not just an ordinary horror that relies on the characters from classic films. Tucked in a modern spice, Leigh Whannell managed to make this film a genius and frightening. You are also invited to be a figure of Cecilia, restless throughout the film.

The audience was invited to sink into worries from beginning to end. At the beginning of the film, the heart was tested, which is when the Cecilia scene runs out of the house. Walk slowly, turn off the CCTV, and always look back. Really make a heart

Not only is the scene full of suspense, the film also features a few raw scenes that have caught the attention. Adrian’s insanity not only became terror for Cecilia but also the people who loved Cecilia.

Now the scoring in this film is also a champion, Leigh knows very well when to slip a surprise through the sound. The most challenging audience is when silence appears in this film. Once again, prepare your mentality. The Invisible Man is not for the weak hearted.

Elisabeth Moss appeared stunning as Cecilia who truly became the main victim of her husband’s insanity. The face of trauma, torture, and the destruction of the figure of Cecilia successfully displayed by Emmy-winning actress and Golden Globes award. Bravo!

The Invisible Man is a horror thriller genius and heartbreaking. The audience was made uneasy and invited to drown in anxiety throughout the film. All the more complete with a neat appearance from Elisabeth Moss.

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