The Lion King – Review

Starting from the classic Disney Games Online dan Offline animation that was released in 1994. This year, the story shown is still the same, although there was a slight addition to Scar, Satan’s uncle uncle. Here we can feel deeply the reason Scar can be evil and jealous of her own brother.

This film tells the life of Simba, the son of the lion king who governs the Pride Lands – Africa.

His father died because of Simba’s curiosity and Scar’s trap. The emotions shown by Simba who were sad were rather less dramatic because they were not as expressive as in the animation. Scar suggests that Simba run as far as Sarabi, Simba’s mother and herd of lions will definitely hate him because of that.

The Lion King (2019)
The Lion King (2019)

After Simba left, Scar told the hyenas to kill him, but fortunately it didn’t work. Scar who thought Simba was dead, took the position of king and made the Pride Lands so barren also gloomy. Together with hyenas those who are carnivorous invade anything so that nature becomes unbalanced as before.

Simba that is almost dead will be eaten by vultures, fortunately there is a wild boar named Pumbaa and meerkat (a type of mongoose) named Timon who helps him. Simba didn’t tell them who he really was. But they care for him until he grows up with affection. Teach it ‘local’ food, so it’s just insects not other animals.

As an adult, Nala, Simba’s best friend who couldn’t stand Scar’s leadership, went to seek help secretly with the help of the palace bird, Zazu. Nala, who almost hunted Pumbaa, was prevented by Simba. Nala realizes that Simba is still alive. Nala was disappointed at Simba’s attitude of overestimating the problem in the Pride Lands and planning to leave.

Simba was made aware of by a shaman monkey who had once embraced him when he was a child, who would be himself the son of Mufasa and be responsible as the successor to the throne. Finally Simba returned. Together Nala and Pumbaa and Timon met a herd of lions. Sarabi was almost harmed by Scar, fortunately they arrived on time.

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