The Lodge – Synopsis

NEON has released The Lodge‘s newest trailer, their upcoming horror film, starring Riley Keough. The film is scheduled to arrive in theaters on 7 February 2020 and start terrorizing the audience.

Starring Riley Keough (The Girlfriend Experience), Jaeden Martell (IT), Lia McHugh (Along Came the Devil), Alicia Silverstone (American woman), and Richard Armitage (Berlin Station, The Hobbit trilogy). Games Online dan Offline

This film tells the story of Aidan and Mia, teenagers who have to suffer because of the separation of their parents, namely: Richard and Laura. However, his father Richard was apparently close to a woman named Grace, who was the only surviving member of the doomsday cult.

The Lodge
The Lodge

Which just committed suicide en masse. When writing about heresy, Richard met Grace and left Laura, his wife. Their children did not like the woman his father had brought and sought to reunite their families.

But on the other hand Richard wants to bring his children closer to Grace. Richard took Aidan and Mia to a remote area to celebrate Christmas together with Grace. But apparently he had to return to the city for several days because there was an interest.

And this is what made Richard forced to leave his two children together with Grace. Hoping if her two children get closer to Grace, but it turns out they instead found something strange in Grace. Then what’s wrong with Grace?

Watch the continuation of the story of this film in The Lodge which will soon be released in your favorite cinema.

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