The Man Standing Next – Review

The Man Standing Next is a film about 40 days before the president’s assassination by the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (Lee Byung Hun) called the second most powerful person, in 1979.

The first point, Games Online dan Offline Lee Byung Hun played the role of Kim Kyu Pyeong in The Next Standing Man. Lee Byung Hun plays the role of Kim Kyu Pyeong, the number two person in power and presents acting one level deeper than before. In particular, the first point that must be watched in this film is because it presents the perspective and emotional of the actors. When the audience follows Lee Byung Hun’s weighty acting, one day the audience will be attracted by the psychological changes that occur in Kim Kyu Pyeong’s character.

The second point is that the film was adapted from the best-selling non-fiction books in Korea and Japan, which sold up to 520,000 books of the same title, The Man Standing Next. While the original work tells about various episodes about the Central Intelligence Agency, the film The Man Standing Next dramatizes it based on this background. After returning from the military, Director Woo Minho immediately bought this book as soon as the book was officially released and then began to prepare films. That way, viewers will be able to watch movies as if they were doing live coverage.

The third point is that this film can be watched by various generations. The film The Man Standing Next can be watched with viewers aged 15 years and over and announced that this film is different from films such as Inside Men and The Drug King. The advantage of the film The Man Standing Next, which will be released on January 22, is that it can be watched by viewers who lived in the 1979 generation or later. After watching, viewers from various generations can find out or share stories about one topic, the event that occurred on October 26, 1979.

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