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The Matrix is ​​a film series with an extremely severe deterioration in quality. His first film, which was released in 1999, was revolutionary. One of the best of all time. Four years later, Reloaded followed, which despite having had some enticing action titles, was clearly in decline. Then Revolutions closed the trilogy with deep disappointment, and deservedly enter the ranks of the worst sequels ever made.

As the title suggests, Resurrections are expected to be a revival point. The first hour is like a revival, as the script by Lana Wachowski, David Mitchell, and Aleksandar Hemon “replicates” the opening sequence of the original film, as Trinity escapes from the invading agents after discovering Neo’s whereabouts. But there have been changes, one of which is the figure of Trinity, which is different from what we know. Top Movie Site

As if being an extension of the audience, Bugs (Jessica Henwick) also witnessed the event and realized the difference. Not long after, Bugs also found that Thomas Anderson alias Neo (Keanu Reeves) was still alive, after accidentally meeting Morpheus, who this time played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, replacing Laurence Fishburne.

Why is there another version of Trinity and Morpheus? Then how come, the last Neo we know who sacrificed his life in the conclusion of Revolutions, is still in good shape? Is the woman named Tiffany (Carrie-Anne Moss) who always steals his attention also the Trinity who comes back to life?

You should find the answers to the questions above for yourself, because that is the main foundation of the first hour, which throws back complex reflections on existence. After the expansion of the mythology in Reloaded made the story lose focus, while Revolutions actually threw away all narratives about humanity, The Matrix finally returned to basics. Best Movie

The use of a verbal exposition full of foreign technical terms that is delivered so quickly does require the audience’s concentration, but if it manages to follow it, the first half of Resurrections offers a very binding mystery. Meta storytelling has been expanded, including by addressing The Wachowskis’ concerns about the demand to produce a fourth film (Neo is like their representation as creators), and then raising questions about everything we see in the trilogy. Like Neo 22 years ago, the audience was asked to ask, “Is all that real?”

Unfortunately, the mystery is closed through simplification, which confirms that this film, especially the first act, is intended as a mere retcon for Revolutions’ conclusion. It’s not wrong, it even needs to be done, considering the “big sin” that the third film has committed. But after an hour full of complex searches, the answer leaves more hope.

Since then Resurrections has not been able to restore the strength of the narrative, although the decision to make love as the driving force of the protagonist, brings the story into a more personal realm than the previous three installments.

At least, as a filmmaker who always opens his arms wide for technological advances, Lana Wachowski (because of the production schedule for the Work in Progress series, Lilly Wachowski is absent from the directing chair) is able to bring her films to look stunning in that department. “That Looks real”, said Neo when he saw the sky made by Io, Zion’s replacement city. That’s how I feel every time Resurrections shows off their CGI.

Advanced. This word is a must-have for The Matrix, both in terms of the packaging of the world, and in the execution of the action. Unexpectedly, the quantity of Resurrections action is minimal, especially when compared to its duration of 148 minutes. More theory, philosophy, reflection and discussion. Some appeared as if they were only for themselves, instead of stimulating the audience’s mind, but Lana’s consistency in telling stories kept her pacing awake.

The action itself tends to be inconsistent. Very inconsistent. There are times when, right after high creativity such as the “human bomb” at the climax, we are immediately treated to minimal style action, which doesn’t seem to come from The Matrix series. The exploration is not as wild as it used to be, which rather than “maturation”, it is more appropriate to call it “decline”. Neo was most affected. Reducing the impression of a godlike hero in him is a reasonable choice, but it’s a different story when he is only equipped with a boring energy shield.

The Matrix Resurrections are the perfect definition of an “it’s good, but…” reaction. There’s always the word “but”. Including about casting. Narratively, including the time setting, replacing Morpheus was the right decision. Moreover, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II could give birth to a different version of the character. On the other hand, changing Smith from Hugo Weaving to Jonathan Groff actually hurt the film. There is a moment at the climax, which will only succeed in sparking enthusiasm if Smith is still played by Weaving. Groff is good, but… Movie Review

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