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The figure of Leo Sharp, a horticulture expert and also an 87-year-old war veteran, was the subject of discussion when the story was raised by the New York Times in 2014. It was not an achievement that made Sharp get media attention, but his expertise as a cocaine courier for drug cartels in the Detroit, Michigan area. , United States of America.

The Sharp case that is somewhat phenomenal, helped draw the attention of Clint Eastwood to make the 88-year-old actor and director interested in making Sharp’s story the inspiration for his latest film titled The Mule. With a row of class A actors such as Bradley Cooper, Andy Garcia and Dianne Wiest, The Mule presents a story full of moral values ​​that can make the audience pensive, to return to think about the extent to which they have utilized this life.

Earl Stone (Clint Eeastwood), a Korean war veteran who also works as a horticulture expert, had a very pleasant youth. He spent a lot of time to work, traveled almost all states of the United States, and enjoyed his profession as a plant expert. You could say Stone is so in love with flowers (maybe more than his love for the family). Not without reason, despite living a life with high mobility and having a good social life, Stone is considered to not prioritize the family. Divorced from his wife, Mary (Dianne Weist), to his daughter Iris (Alison Eastwood) who no longer wanted to communicate with her. Top Movie Site

Relationships with families that do not get along make Stone trying to pay for all his mistakes at the moment of the marriage of his grandson, Ginny (Taissa Farmiga). Like a tit for tat, Stone’s desire to please the family found a bright spot when he was offered a job as a courier. Without knowing what objects he had to deliver, Stone, who in his life had never been ticketed and was free from criminal records, did his job well. Stone always manages to deliver packages that he later found out to contain cocaine. Wages that are commensurate make Stone live his profession without complaining. Even Stone operates in its own way. Even though it always doesn’t arrive on time, all the cocaine packages always arrive at their destination without the police kissing them. Even Stone’s presence could increase the amount of cocaine distribution which previously only reached dozens of kilograms per month, to 200 kilograms of cocaine in a month. Best Movie

Despite having a genre of crime, drama and thriller as a whole, the film The Mule is more dominated by drama and how a 90-year-old man sees life today. There are many allusions to life in the digital age and racist jokes that are interestingly able to be presented through the humor that invites laughter. In addition, advice from Stone when meeting with Colin Bates (Bradley Cooper) can also be a suggestion that should be contemplated by the younger generation. The Mule has its own power in the scenario, how some of the conversations presented can provoke the audience’s emotions to shed tears, or maybe reflect on one’s own life.

Glancing at the shortcomings, this film has a less gruff story, especially for those of you who expect criminal action, because to be honest, overall this film is more focused on the value of life and the turmoil of relationships within a family. So for those of you lovers of movies full of crime, The Mule might be boring. As for connoisseurs of previous Eastwood works (Gran Torino, Trouble with the Curve) The Mule will easily enter as one of Clint Eastwood’s favorite works.

The figure of Clint Eastwood is arguably one of the legendary filmmakers who is still actively producing quality work. At the age of 88 years Eastwood’s appearance in the film The Mule looks so brilliant and satisfying. His acting still implies the actor’s charisma that is timeless in eating age. And for those of you who like Eastwood’s works that are full of family stories, then the film The Mule can be an interesting choice that is a pity to miss. Movie Review

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