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Initially staying is going to be an indulgent moment, the summer of 2020 actually brings sustained bitterness to connoisseurs of blockbuster action films, because the global pandemic that has not yet shed its light causes summer giant films to continue to set back its release schedule. In fact, Tenet, which didn’t budge in July, has twice postponed its cinema debut two weeks from the previous date every two weeks. Fortunately, the vacancy was somewhat relieved by the presence of The Old Guard. Top Movie Site

The Old Guard is the result of an adaptation of the graphic novel by Greg Rucka, whose previous work, Whiteout was also filmed. The Old Guard focuses on a group of mercenaries who carry out high-risk missions. Impressive cliche? Hold your comments first before reading the short premise of this film. Beginning with an ambush scene by a group of heavy-armed tactical forces against a team of four mercenaries, the situation turned into a massacre, when the four mercenaries rose from the dead and counterattacked.

It was revealed later, that the four people: consisting of Andy (Charlize Theron), Booker (Matthias Schoenaerts), Joe (Marwan Kenzari), and Nicky (Luca Marinelli) were special individuals. They are immortal and although each individual comes from a different period, has spent hundreds of years in the world, completing various missions while hiding their existence.

For their latest mission, they are contracted by James Copley (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a former CIA agent. However, they are then betrayed. Copley turns out to have a hidden agenda, namely to capture these immortal individuals and hand them over to the CEO of the pharmaceutical company Merrick (Harry Melling) with the aim of researching and searching for the secrets of their immortality to breakthrough the medical world.

Indeed, for the term science fiction action film, what is presented by The Old Guard is not something new, but succeeded in combining the usual dish witnessed and familiar concepts which are then used to produce an entertaining spectacle. Not only that, although action is its main attraction, the theme it puts forward is also quite complex with coverage alluding to aspects of eternity and the ethical code of the medical world. And, typical of other streaming film formulas, The Old Guard is not afraid to display explicit levels of gore and violence. And, as a basic foundation for possible franchising, what is presented here is already quite solid and promising.Best Movie

Although still counted as green in the realm of directing action films, filmmaker Prince-Bythewood who has more hours of flying in the realm of drama films is able to present a balanced presentation between well-choreographed and easily digested action without too disturbing the narrative aspects of the film. For the ranks of his players, as the main spearhead, Charlize Theron again showed his class as one of the top versatile actresses and also quality action in Hollywood in the last decade. Meanwhile, young star KiKi Layne who, like the filmmaker, is a new face in the action film genre, is able to be a good companion for Theron.

In short, The Old Guard will certainly provide a satisfying presentation for action movie enthusiasts and audiences who love unusual film stories. Especially with the ending scene that opens up the possibility of the presence of the sequel, surely many will look forward to the next round of the story of these eternal warriors. Movie Review

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