The Passion Of The Christ – Review

Historical drama film depicting 12 hours before Jesus Christ died on the cross. It was during these 12 hours that we were shown Jesus’ torture from being flogged to being crucified and dying there.

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As the title describes, the word passion does not refer to a strong emotional desire or desire, but rather to another meaning, namely to suffer, which is rooted in the Latin word pati and means suffering. This film by Mel Gibson succeeds in depicting the suffering of Jesus Christ, so that this film has become a kind of Christian mandatory film to this day.

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However, behind the many appreciations from Christians, it turns out that the film Passion of the Christ also invites controversy from various parties for their own reasons. Passion of the Christ is considered too brutal and sadistic to describe the suffering of Jesus. Critic Roger Ebert called it the saddest film he had ever seen. To the Jewish community, this film seemed like anti-semitism. Because the Jews there were shown to be a really bad person. They were impressed that they really enjoyed the suffering that Jesus experienced.

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Interestingly, as the director of this film, Mel Gibson is also known as a racist figure. So that he had difficulty promoting this film. Therefore, Mel Gibson used the church as a means of promotion. He spreads promotional materials from one church to another, including how to insert ad-libs in sermons. Although many were criticized by the church, this proved to attract the attention of the audience.

Mel Gibson was inundated with harsh criticism. The film was deemed too brutal and disturbing, the torture scene was denounced and deemed inappropriate for being appointed to the big screen. In addition, many think that Gibson puts forward anti-Semitism too much, because Gibson is considered to portray Jews as cruel.

The latest controversy, Passion of the Christ’s marketing team claimed that the film was accurate and recognized by the Pope. The Vatican swiftly denied that the Pope had made this statement. Many people suspect that the Passion of the Christ marketing team only fabricated this statement to increase the hype of this film. Despite the controversy, this film is still worth watching during the Easter period. It reminds us of Jesus’ suffering before dying on the cross.

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