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The Platform‘s achievement as the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Midnight Madness or the most popular film at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival seems to be enough reason to watch and not miss this film.

The debut film by the Spanish director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia carries the theme of social inequality through portraits of fictional stories in a prison that is packaged with quite interesting. Top Movie Site

Prison style like this tower is not only filled by criminals, but also those who volunteer to achieve one wish. Every occupant in the prison is also permitted to bring anything but only one, whether in the form of sharp weapons or pets.

Fried entered the prison voluntarily in exchange for a diploma after he was released. When he first entered, he chose only to bring the supplies of Don Quijote’s book and placed in cell no. 48, which also indicates the level of the room. He was placed with Trimagasi who was there on charges of murder.

This prison feeds its inhabitants once every 24 hours and is sent via a platform that moves from top to bottom through large holes in the floor and ceiling. Those who live in the top room, have the ability to take more food portions and in good condition.

Meanwhile, the lower the prisoner is, the less food left by the people above. They only consume the leftovers from the top chamber and have to endure hunger if there is not a single piece of food left. The room will be very hot or cold if they try to hoard food after the platform leaves their level. Best Movie

Every month, the residents will be moved to another level randomly. If lucky, they can occupy the top level. While bad luck, they can occupy the lowest level.

Simply put, The Platform takes a picture of social inequality, as those who are under struggle struggle to survive from hunger to become ‘savage’. While those at the top wallow all the ‘luxury’ is filled with greed and greed.

On the one hand, this story also tries to talk about the depravity of a system until the emergence of a resistance movement. The wheel of human life becomes a special theme about how they deal with situations when they are at the top or the bottom.

Broadly speaking, the director packs this story with an interesting concept. The horror-thriller genre that was carried by Gaztelu-Urrutia was quite successful in making the emotional intensity of the audience dissolve. Movie Review

Unfortunately there are some details of the story that are not told clearly, especially about the figure behind the zero level who prepared food and the basic level of occupants. Not only that, the story, The Platform is made openly and submit interpretations to each audience. So, it could be the impression of this film will be very different between each individual.

For the record, this film contains sadistic content, violence, and adult scenes. In addition, it is better if this film is not watched while eating. After knowing the review of The Platform, this film can be watched streaming on Netflix.

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