The Poison Rose – Review

The Poison Rose film tells the story of Carson Philips (John Travolta), a former NFL (National Football League) player who is now turning a profession as a private investigator. One day, a beautiful woman offered him a large enough amount of money, provided Carson was willing to find out the cause of the disappearance of a teenage boy, who was allegedly killed.   Initially Carson objected because the incident happened in Texas, a city full of dark shadows of Carson’s past. But his weakness for beautiful women, moreover the client came with a sad story, made Carson finally accepted the offer.  

Carson began an investigation in Texas, by contacting some of his acquaintances, – including a former girlfriend he had left. The investigation led to a mental hospital, where a suspected key witness of the murder of a client’s relative was treated.  

For reasons that don’t make sense, Dr. Miles Mitchell (Branden Fraser), to keep Carson away from the patient he insisted was in the facility. But Carson’s abilities turned out to be more than Dr. Mitchell.  

The Poison Rose
The Poison Rose

Behind it all turned out there was the intervention of a God Father who had long controlled the underworld in the city. Many suggestions for Carson to stay away from this case, and not deal with Doc.  

It turned out that what was imagined by Curson was far different from what he was facing. And that really made him a dilemma. Games Online dan Offline

Like detective films in general, The Poison Rose also only focuses on one or two characters at the beginning of the story. Until little by little, the storyline unfolds the figure of each character slowly, – especially the characters Doc (Morgan Freeman) and Jayne Hunt (Famke Janssen).

Quite a lot of characters who stand out in this film, and take the audience’s mind room to confirm whether he is a good character or evil. Although, spotlight remains dominated by the actions of Carson until the end of the film.

This film set is made with the setting and mindset of Texas residents in the 70s. And quite successfully presented by the director. Both property and dialogue, neatly packaged to realize the setting in accordance with the original novel.

This film presents the version of the novel quite well if you look at it from the budget, as well as minimal manufacturing time. This film is worth enjoying, especially for those who like detective films.

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