The Professor and The Madman – Review

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You must be familiar with the Oxford Dictionary. One of the great lexicographies in the world, it is considered the most accurate and comprehensive dictionary since 1884.
But do you know how the history of the Oxford Dictionary was compiled?

Yup! The Professor and The Madman (2019) will explore the history of the preparation of the Oxford Dictionary which is wrapped in stories of love, sacrifice and anger.
At one point, James Murray (Mel Gibson), chairman of the Oxford Dictionary completion team, announced that anyone who speaks English can contribute to dictionary compilation. The announcement reached the ears of William Chester Minor (Sean Penn), who was living in a mental hospital due to his fears of war. Best Movie

William Chester Minor was a wartime medic. He was traumatized after killing a man. Since then, his life has always been restless and must be under surveillance by the security forces. Even so, Doctor Minor will feel calm when he reads many books. This is what made him interested in becoming a contributor to the preparation of the Oxford Dictionary.

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While compiling a dictionary, Doctor Minor meets a woman who makes him fall in love. But who would have thought, this happy moment actually made Doctor Minor hurt himself and decided to stop being a contributor, even though he had already contributed thousands of words and quotes to the process of compiling the dictionary.
Who is this woman? How would the dictionary composing process continue if Doctor Minor stopped? You can watch the full story of The Professor and The Madman exclusively on Mola TV, starting October 8, 2020.

Not only bringing together two top Academy Award-winning actors, Mel Gibson and Sean Penn, on the same stage, the film The Professor and The Madman also stars Natalie Dormer, Jennifer Ehle, Eddie Marsan, and many more. Movie Review

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