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The film is based on a novel of the same name, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This film tells the story of a 10-year-old young girl, Mary Lennox (Kate Maberly), who suddenly had to be orphaned because of an earthquake in India. Mary was returned to England to be cared for by her uncle in a large house. Mary was picked up by her curt and stodgy uncle’s butler, Mrs. Medlock (Maggie Smith). There were about 100 rooms in the dark, large house — according to Mrs.’s explanation. Medlock While his uncle, Lord Archibald Craven (John Lynch), who is still mourning the death of his wife — his mother’s twin sister Mary, always travels (almost never at home). The house, besides being dark, is also full of mystery. Mary often heard faint cry, but Mrs. Medlock and the servant always try to hide. Top Movie Site

All Mary could do was explore the big house, room by room. Mary found a secret path to her aunt’s room, and in that room Mary found a key to the secret garden. Together with Dickon (Andrew Knott), the boy who lives around, Mary explores the secret garden of her late aunt who should have been locked tightly by her uncle. The two boys re-planted the arid secret garden — reviving the park. Through Dickon Mary discovered that her aunt died of childbirth. His son still lives somewhere at home and is unable to walk. Nobody has ever seen his son.

One night, when Mary investigates the origin of the cry, Mary meets a boy named Colin (Heydon Prowse). Colin, who is the same age as Mary and turns out to be his cousin, spent all his life in bed accompanied by sadness and deep depression. Mary intends to free Colin from his gloomy life. Mary, insisting on trying, made Colin see his mother’s garden.

The Secret Garden’s story is fairly simple. But Agnieszka Holland, the director known for his work Europa Europa and Bittere Ernte, was very successful in exploring the meaning in this story. Two things that Agnieszka Holland did that made this film interesting were: beautiful visualization and super appearance of the players (including kids players who are the main key). Best Movie

The two main players in the film’s children, Kate Maberly as Mary Lennox and Heydon Prowse as Colin Craven, are the main keys to the enjoyment of this film. Agnieszka Holland did not make both of them play their characters with emotions and expressions as excited as possible, but Agnieszka Hollan made the children’s players in this film act like children, with levels of emotion and expressions the size of children. Heydon Prowse’s performance as Colin Craven is the performance I enjoy the most here. Senior actor Maggie Smith also complements.

The visualization given also spoil, not just spoil but also able to represent the message behind this film. The Secret Garden is a film about the collapse of a family and slowly recovering. This is metaphorized by the secret garden owned by aunt Mary who was originally arid but slowly replanted until fertile. The park is what makes young master Colin Craven again find the spirit of life. And more than that, the park also made Mary find her life spirit again.

Overall, The Secret Garden is an example of children’s films that are charming, harmonious, smart, and still capable of content and meaning. Children who are too young may need adult guidance to explain the meaning behind this film. And for adult audiences, the metaphor behind the story remains interesting to enjoy. Movie Review

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