The Tree of Life – Review

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Understanding life is not something easy. Even though we live on the same earth, each person has a different perspective on life itself. Childhood experience will probably remain imprint until death and that is what happened to Jack (Sean Penn). Top Movie Site

When he was little, Jack (Hunter McCracken) saw this world from the eyes of his mother (Jessica Chastain). Everything looks beautiful and loving. As Jack grows older, his father (Brad Pitt) begins to invest in an education completely different from what he got from his mother. Everything that initially looked beautiful slowly began to fade replaced by gloom.

When Jack was an adult, this childhood experience turned out to still imprint strongly. Jack loses grip. The world has changed, but something inside Jack seems to remain shackled. Slowly but surely Jack began to understand life itself from his perspective. He began to forgive his father who had been hated by him and slowly walked down the path of his own life.

This film The Tree of Life is not just telling stories. In addition to telling the story of Jack’s inner journey until he entered adulthood, there was a message to be conveyed by Terrence Malick as director and scriptwriter. And Malick was quite observant in conveying this message so as not to be seen patronizing with a series of dialogue and narration. Best Movie

The message conveyed by Terrence Malick is actually not a message that is far from everyday life. What Malick tells is what happens in every human life. Inner turmoil, search for identity, and turmoil when all the values ​​that were invested as a child began to become a pile of questions. Interestingly, Malick was able to pour the story in a very beautiful way without the impression of patronizing.

Without having to undermine the reputation of Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, this film is Hunter McCracken’s film. This little boy is playing so natural, not at all memorable acting in front of the camera. It is said that this is the first acting experience for Hunter McCracken. At the same time, Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain also played very brilliantly, although unfortunately the character played by Sean Penn did not seem well tilled.

As a bonus, Terrence Malick, tells this story not only with a series of dialogues. Dialogue is not the most part of this drama. Visual and background music actually play a very important role in the narrative of this life story. Movie Review

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