The Two Popes – Review

The Two Popes ”is the latest Netflix Original Movie that can be streamed starting December 20, 2019. Directed by Fernando Meirelles and written by Anthony McCarten based on a true story of friendship between Pope Benedict and Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio who we now know as Pope Francis.

When Pope John II died in 2005, all cardinals from all over the world were summoned to the Vatican for the election of a new Pope. When all cardinals championed Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina, Joseph Ratzinger from Germany was chosen as the new Catholic religious leader.

Entering 2012, a huge scandal caused the Catholic Church and the Vatican to experience a crisis of trust from the people and the world community. This also put Pope Benedict in a bad position. While in Argentina, Jorge is preparing his resignation letter in service to the Catholic church. However, God seems to have other plans for these two religious leaders.

Not a film about religion, but about a religious leader who is also human

Religious leaders are usually seen as a great and holy person without sin. We sometimes forget that they are also human beings with all their personal weaknesses and turmoil. “The Two Popes” is not a film that examines the principles or laws of Catholic religion, but the human side of a Great Pope.

Like other biographical films about state leaders and scientists who innovate, this film tells the story of two religious leaders who face their mistakes and doubts in religion.

When we think they are special people with “access” smoothly talking with God, they sometimes also experience distress and difficulty in prayer. They can also be lonely and need friends to talk and negotiate. This is not only experienced by Catholics, but all people who have a religion and a routine of prayer.

The Two Popes
The Two Popes

Stunning Acting and Chemistry from Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins Games Online dan Offline

We will see two interesting characters brought by two talented actors in “the Two Popes”.

Jonathan Pryce appears as a priest who will steal our hearts with his simplicity and open mind as Jorge Bergoglio. While Anthony Hopkins plays the role of Pope Benedict who is conservative and has a stiff personality. Apart from their two opposing qualities and thoughts, there is an interesting friendly relationship between these two characters.

Both present authentic acting and look very natural. Jonathan Pryce is also said to often improvise, have the same facial features, and have a sense of humor that makes him meet the criteria for playing Pope Francis.

“The Two Popes” is a film that is very dense dialogue and various pieces of the historical story of each character. There are many scenes where Pope Benedict and Cardinal Jorge spend time together and just talk. They also apparently drink wine and eat pizza for their lunch .

Far from being ‘boring’, “The Two Popes” has a storyline that builds the audience’s emotions with the right composition. There is a light touch of humor that will make us laugh. There are also warm moments that will touch our hearts for these two “great” characters. And certainly a serious moment with intense dialogue and makes us tense. Everything is brought with the up and down grooves that fit and make us not easily bored.

Overall, “The Two Popes” is a film that shows us the humanity of a Great Pope with perfect execution. From script writing, direction, casting, to various technical elements in this film, all of them combined to produce an authentic and unique biography for a serious issue.

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