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Through The Whistlers, who earlier this year represented Romania at the Academy Awards, director-scriptwriter Corneliu Porumboiu clashed traditionally with modern, classical and contemporary, in a black thriller-comedy, who also acted as a love letter to elements from the era then, including the film media itself.

So it’s not mere trinkets when the climax of the shooting takes place in an abandoned movie set, references appear to classic titles such as The Searchers (1956) and Pyscho (1960), or when Catrinel Marlon plays a femme fatale character named Gilda like a character the legendary played by Rita Hayworth in the film Noir Gilda (1946). Top Movie Site

But the most substantial “past product” in this film is Silbo Gomero, a whistling language originally used by the Guanche, a native of the Canary Islands, Spain. It is said, Romanian police named Cristi (Vlad Ivanov) came to La Gomera (one of the islands in Canaria) to learn the language, to free Zsolt (Sabin Tambrea), a businessman who was arrested in Bucharest for money laundering.

Whistling is used so that the communication process cannot be detected by the police. Now is the time when every movement can be monitored using a camera and all conversations can be tapped. Rather than preparing a technology that has the power to defeat the police as it often appears in a row of Hollywood blockbusters, The Whistlers chose a more “oldskul” method. A unique perspective from Porumboiu’s manuscript, which is often presented tickling through deadpan comedy packaging (the best example when Cristi practiced). Best Movie

Arriving at La Gomera, Cristi was welcomed by Gilda. “Forget what happened in Bucharest. That was just for the surveillance cameras “, said the woman. What does it mean? Why should a police officer even bother to learn to whistle to release a criminal? Be prepared to ask questions, because The Whistlers are spoken through non-linear channels, which first present the impact of an event, then explain their background through flashback. There are practices of bribery, double-crossing, fraud, etc., which are quite complex. Add non-linear flow force, so that everything becomes more difficult to digest. But it is not impossible, because all pieces of answers are shown, both in the form of verbal speech and visual language that is more subtle. It’s just that the distribution is random, and the audience is required to compile them independently.

Is complicated speaking style necessary? Actually not, considering even without that, the main points of the story, namely about corruption among the authorities, can still be presented. It must be admitted that this is an embodiment of “style over substance”, but for the audience who are fond of compiling puzzles, despite the initial adjustment process, The Whistlers give satisfaction in each success in solving puzzles and understanding the points of the story.

Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu moved from the long take and slow tempo that defines the realism of the New Wave Romanian, replaced by a playful approach that is more powerful, also more funny thanks to the black comedy in a deadpan style. Porumboiu closed the film with a beautiful sequence set in the night with the twinkling lights of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Is it really a happy ending, or is it a dream that gives his character a reason to move on? Anywhere is not a problem, even if it is not real. Because the essence of cinema itself is not much different, namely the media perpetuate dreams and imagination. Movie Review

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