Those Who Wish Me Dead – Review

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Those Who Wish Me Dead are like a throwback to 90s releases, which feature a simple chase, with an equally dangerous setting that occasionally also threatens. Top Movie Site

But there is something interesting behind the structure of the story. The protagonist named Hannah (Angelina Jolie), a smokejumper who finds it difficult to let go of guilt, shows signs of suicidal, due to the death of three young people in a forest fire. But the word “me” in the title refers to Connor (Finn Little), whose life is in danger, being chased by two assassins who are after his father’s secret. The two killers are Jack (Aidan Gillen) and Patrick (Nicholas Hoult), who get the most screen time, especially in the first half.

If the majority of 90s action thrillers were star vehicle status for the main star, then Sheridan wanted to create an ensemble that shared the spotlight equally. The story of a boy who is forced to survive even though he has just lost his father, the story of a woman’s penance, and the story of two murderers on a mission. While Jack and Patrick are clearly ruthless criminals, there is a dynamic that keeps the character from being one-dimensional. They are not cold-blooded obedient robots. For Jack, it’s all business. Meanwhile, Patrick occasionally implies that killing lives is not an easy job. Best Movie

But it cannot be denied, Those Who Wish Me Dead’s class are below Sheridan’s previous works. This is not the first time he has presented a psychically shaken protagonist, but only here is his presentation generic. Hannah’s background ended as a patch, even though her process of dealing with trauma through penance was filled with clichédness, which also oversimplifies the psychic dynamics of humans.

At least Jolie appeared believable as a firefighter who refused to be helpless, even though he had fallen from the observation tower, was hit by a lightning strike, was beaten up, until he was trapped in a fierce flames. But the attention-stealing woman isn’t just Jolie. Despite having Jon Bernthal alias Punisher as Ethan the cop, the film puts aside machismo and makes room for his pregnant wife, Allison (Medina Senghore) to take up arms.

Regarding the execution of the action, assisted by CGI, who was quite convincing in starting forest fires as the climax stage (Jack and Patrick lit a fire to create distraction), Sheridan is in fact still good at building intensity, even though his scale has increased compared to his debut. But the best point in the action of Those Who Whis Me Dead is when at some point, the character, who works as a firefighter to a survival school teacher, shows off several survival methods for various situations (using distress words, to avoiding lightning strikes and flames). Movie Review

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