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Love. Intimacy. Are they all about romantic relationships involving courtship/marriage and/or sex? Quoting the KBBI, one of the meanings of the word “intimate” is “very close; intimate; deep (about friendly relations and so on)”. Yes, the definition of intimacy is broader than what many people often mean when they say, “They are very intimate”.

Matt (Ed Helms) and Anna (Patti Harrison) seem intimate. They both said to each other, “I love you” without the intention of making love. Because with the age gap of about 20 years, as stated by Anna, it will be like Woody Allen films that imply pedophilia.

So where did their closeness come from? Matt wants to have children, but doesn’t feel like getting married. He had been in a relationship for eight years, with the woman he hoped would become the mother of his children, before it finally foundered. Maybe Matt is tired, or is traumatized by a romance that involves heartache. In the end she opted for surrogacy, in which Anna became a surrogate mother. Anna had previously given birth during high school (her baby was adopted by someone else), and since then her relationship with the family has been strained. Top Movie Site

Matt and Anna agreed to maintain a professional relationship under the contract. Not easy, because of differences in personality. Even though he doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship, Matt has a tendency to romanticize. He wanted this pregnancy to be meaningful, and expected the same from Anna. On the other hand, Anna tends to be more cynical. For her, this pregnancy was just a business agreement, so there was no need to leave any impression.

Of course in the end they can overcome their differences, then come closer and complement each other, right? True, but not in the “boy meets girl then both fall in love” formula. Rather than a rom-com, Together Together is more accurately called a friend-com. Nikole Beckwith as director and scriptwriter, explores connection without being trapped by clichés.

Accompanied by the sweet and captivating music by Alex Somers, we see the process of two individuals forming a bond, which is not based on similarities, but differences. According to Beckwith, if handled properly, differences do not divide, but instead unite. Complement each other, complement each other.

The process is not instant. Together Together emphasizes that the bond, which is then expressed through intimacy, arises after two individuals share moment by moment that takes various forms, ranging from showing concern, doing activities together with one goal, sharing thoughts, arguing, or just watching television series together. Movie Review

The chemistry of the two players played a major role in strengthening the moments. Ed Helms masterfully brings to life the figure of a clumsy man who is stiff, but whose heart is filled with kindness. Meanwhile, Patti Harrison, with her flagship deadpan, is a likeable figure who tries to understand the meaning behind a connection. This kind of character-driven presentation requires a “fluid” script, and Beckwith manages to provide that. The writing is interesting, dynamic, even though at some points the episodic approach used to compile the journey of the two characters, somewhat disrupts the flow of the plot.

In addition to romance, Together Together also breaks other notions. Regarding gender, the question was discussed, “Why are single mothers often labeled bad while single fathers are considered great?”, as well as the role of surrogate mothers who are not just “care for the fetus”. Best Movie

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