Toy Story 4 – Review

After we were made Games Online dan Offline to cry uncontrollably at the end of Toy Story 3, Disney and Pixar did not stop there. Woody and his friends are now Bonnie’s toys. Lately Bonnie has not played Woody, but Jessie and Buzz Lightyear.

Bonnie, who has now entered kindergarten, felt afraid of socializing. Woody wants to help Bonnie in kindergarten, like she used to help Andy. During kindergarten orientation, he slipped into Bonnie’s bag where there were craftworks in the classroom. With Woody’s help, Bonnie made it through the day. Bonnie also makes toys from cutlery and named it Forky.

Woody felt happy that Bonnie finally dared to be in class. On the way home Woody realized that a toy made by Bonnie Forky was alive. He is the same as other toys, although Forky continues to say “I’m trash, I’m trash.”

Woody also introduces Forky to other toy friends. Forky was still confused by his whereabouts and always wanted to jump into the trash. While Bonnie is pity with her new toy, namely Forky. So as not to run away, Woody is always watching Forky. Until one day Bonnie’s parents took her out in a van and Forky ran from the window. Like it or not, Woody jumped in and looked for Forky for Bonnie.

In Forky’s search, Woody meets new friends, until an old friend that he has longed for. Can Woody bring Forky back to Bonnie?

Toy Story 4
Toy Story 4

The story is written by Rashida Jones, Will McCormack, Josh Cooley, Valerie LaPointe, Martin Hynes, Stephany Folsom, and two people who previously wrote Toy Story 1, 2, & 3. They are John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton. Toy Story does have a mainstay magic that makes the audience laugh while watching it. Each character has the strengths and characteristics of each, ranging from the sincerity of Woody, Buzz Lightyear’s clueless, to the new character Forky who really stole the attention.

Through Toy Story movies we learn that there are no evil toys, they are only hurt. Look at Lotso in the movie Toy Story 3, he became one of the toys that hurt because his owner was replaced. The film again shows the fragility of the feelings of the toys that are lost, abandoned, even broken.

Toy Story 4 beautiful, fun and emotional animated films. New characters such as Forky, Bunny, Ducky and Duke really broke the laughter. Children will be entertained and adult audiences will be filled with tears watching it. Toy Story 4 makes you laugh, cry, and then smile happily.

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