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Trolls World Tour brings joy so the audience can be taken away for a moment from the dark world. Film that gives hope, that the industry still has the option to survive, or even evolve with the changing times. There is no better mascot than Trolls World Tour, with its colorful floods, glitter showers, and imaginative visuals. The story takes us to follow the situation after the first film, as well as peering into the history of the trolls in the past. Once upon a time, apparently there were six types of Trolls who liked different music genres. Together with them there are six strings that represent each type of music, and when put together will produce extraordinary power. The problem is, differences in tastes create divisions, so the six trolls choose to live separately, with each carrying a string.

Now comes Barb (Rachel Bloom), the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls clan, who wants to master all the strings, in order to unite all the Trolls under the sole auspices of rock music. As the Queen of Pop Trolls, Poppy (Anna Kendrick) refuses to remain silent. Helped by several friends, including Branch (Justin Timberlake) who secretly put their feelings for him, Poppy visits the Trolls one by one, to warn them about Barb’s evil intentions. Top Movie Site

Of course Poppy’s trip was just an excuse made by the scriptwriting team, so that the film could show as many types of music and trolls as possible. After meeting with Country Trolls led by Delta Dawn (Kelly Clarkson), the substance of the road trip began to be questioned. But there is no question. Just enjoy the music of various genres, accompanied by rows of character designs and unique world concepts, in the visual richness of director Walt Dohrn, who increasingly shows his charm every piece of music is played.

The Hard Rock Trolls area is messy and dominated by black, Classical Trolls seem heavenly, Pop Trolls are colorful, and so on. It is interesting to see how the Trolls World Tour artistic team conjures up stereotypical elements into imaginative scenes, which in addition to satisfying the eyes, are also useful in strengthening comedy, which often delivers laughter through musical-themed humor. Not an intellectual joke full of references, but ridiculousness, for example when Guy Diamond (Kunal Nayyar) the glitter troll made an auto-tune voice, who “gave birth” to Tiny Diamond (Kenan Thompson), a hip-hop troll who, though still a baby, was stylish and had a stylish. deep voice. Best Movie

“That’s not music” is Barb’s response to the digital techno style and the absence of lyrics in the classical style. While Poppy said, “They must not know that music is supposed to make you happy. That’s awful. “, After hearing the wistful chanting of the Country Trolls. Tickling insinuations about the exclusivity espoused by music fans, especially snobs (whatever the genre), are the most interesting ingredients in the film’s story. More interesting and sharp than the cliché message about “music comes from our hearts” that fills its climax.

Although it does not have an original song as catchy as Can’t Stop the Feeling, and the intention to unite all music at its peak moment does not take place smoothly because it is still too inclined towards pop rather than emphasizing the strength of each genre, the line of songs of this film appears like a varied playlist of nan fun (as long as you are not a snob), which gives space for certain music fans, including smooth jazz, hip-hop, as well as K-Pop, which (like me), are satisfied by the brief appearance of the girl group Red Velvet through the Russian Roulette song (besides Zimzalabim which is used to accompany the trailer). Movie Review

The flow is indeed not dense, and reached the middle, the colors of the colors had felt repetitive. My brain is not stimulated or received an intake that is considered “nutritious”, but once the film is over, a smile appears, and this heart feels lighter, because cheerfulness and colors have not completely disappeared from the world.

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