Tune in for Love – Review

Tune in for Love prefers to focus his story in 1994-2005. This time background selection makes the film Tune in for Love have a thick retro feel. For example, regarding the fashion of the characters, the atmosphere throughout the film, to cinematography that makes nostalgia for the past. For those who enjoy childhood or adolescence during the time spent in the film Tune in for Love, you can really make it nostalgic.

he story of this film began in 1994 when Hyun Woo came to Mi Soo’s bakery and his brother. At first, Mi Soo was afraid of Hyun Woo who was just out of juvenile prison. Moreover, the young man refused to talk about the reasons why he was imprisoned and why he no longer went to school.

Although it starts with fear, Mi Soo gradually falls in love with Hyun Woo who starts working with him at the bakery. So it is with Hyun Woo who even though he still feels awkward with his feelings, he secretly loves Mi Soo.

The first love story between Mi Soo and Hyun Woo looks so sweet and makes a baper. Unfortunately, one day Hyun Woo’s old friends came to the bakery. Hyun Woo, who then went to accompany his friends, never came to the bakery again.

After their meeting and separation in 1994, Mi Soo and Hyun Woo returned to meet in 1997. But as if being played by fate, their meeting returned to being separated because the next day Hyun Woo had to undergo compulsory military service.

Not to lose sense, Games Online dan Offline Mi Soo also made Hyun Woo an email account so that the two could keep in touch. He also asked Hyun Woo to learn to use the internet which was still quite new and learn to reply to emails from him. Unfortunately, Mi Soo forgot to provide the password for Hyun Woo’s email account.

Tune in for Love
Tune in for Love

Even though Mi Soo knew Hyun Woo couldn’t possibly open the email without a password, she still wrote and sent many emails. Until three years later, in 2000, suddenly there was an email reply from Hyun Woo.

They then contact each other by telephone even if only briefly. When they promised to call, at the agreed time Hyun Woo could not be reached. Via email, Mi Soo decides that the two don’t need to contact each other anymore

The peak of the conflict in this film occurred in 2005 when Mi Soo met Hyun Woo again unplanned. Still loving each other, the two then decided to be together and have a love affair. Unlike themselves when they were teenagers, both of them already have their careers.

Even though it looks fine, Mi Soo’s and Hyun Woo’s love relationship is re-tested, mainly because of the secret of the past that Hyun Woo and Mi Soo keep being valued by the boss himself. With their love for eleven years, can the two face obstacles and stay together?

Not only tells the story of Mi Soo and Hyun Woo’s love story for eleven years, Tune in for Love likens their story to a broadcast radio program called ‘Music Album’ which was being hit.

On the first day Hyun Woo entered the bakery and met Mi Soo, the ‘Music Album’ event was hosted by a new announcer, Yoo Yeol. Hyun Woo, who was accustomed to listening to the program while in prison, thought that the change of announcers was like a new change in his gloomy days.

Mi Soo, who also likes the radio program, often writes messages for Hyun Woo and is read by the announcer. Until 2005, towards the end of this 144 minute film, the existence of a radio program hosted by Yoo Yeol also became central in resolving story conflicts.

Played very well by Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In, watching the film Tune in for Love not only makes it baper but also relaxes. Mi Soo-Hyun Woo’s love story, the chemistry that was intertwined between Kim Go Eun-Jung Hae In made this film stirring emotions as well as warm the heart.

Unfortunately, the resolution of conflicts in the film Tune in for Love feels rather shallow and less realistic. Even so, Tune in for Love still gives a good impression, especially for fans of romance films.

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