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Twivortiare. The film adaptation of the novel with the same title, tells the story of a husband and wife couple, Beno and Alexandra. The two married for the second time. Have a second marriage with the same person. Will their household journey be different from the first? Top Movie Site

With the background of a failed marriage and wanting to try again with the same person, you will be made irritated by Ben (Reza Rahadian) and Lex (Raihaanun) who still like to fuss over small things.

From the beginning of the film, you are already stirred by emotions. When Lex turns out to have a new lover, but on the one hand Lex and Beno still love each other. You can see this from the trailer.

In this film, apart from the actors who played well, you also have to appreciate director Benni Setiawan. He managed to create an atmosphere that awakens each scene.

You will feel annoyed with the behavior of the Lex and Ben couple. To the extent, for those whose feelings are sensitive will be made to cry, because it turns out that the love of these two couples is very strong.

He has been well-known as a director of romantic genre films since 2009. Benni Setiawan admitted that he had no difficulty working on the Twivortiare film.

“For the production of this Twivortiare film, I didn’t feel any difficulties, starting from the reading process between Reza and Raihaanun which immediately built up the chemistry, to the performance of the cast and crew who always created a pleasant atmosphere,” said Benni at a press conference in Jakarta (26/26/2020).

With the support of competent cast and crew, the process of making the Twivortiare film did not experience any major problems. Seen from the results of the film that can make the audience baper. Best Movie

No less important than the director, the scriptwriter of the film Twivortiare, Alim Sudio (99 Cahaya di Langit Europe), is also the key to the success of this film. Ika Natassa’s novel, which is well known for its heart-touching sentences, can be mixed sweetly but doesn’t feel too overwhelming. Working with Ika Natassa, who according to Alim is a perfectionist, made Alim try his best to produce a script that fits the novel.

The setting in this film is the modern life of Jakarta. So visually, nothing special. Just a panoramic view of the city of Jakarta with a touch of retro effect in some parts.

Meanwhile, it was silenced by its scoring that managed to build the atmosphere of the Twivortiare film. You will feel sad too, especially during the part when Lex fights with Ben, then Lex chooses to go home.

Even though the scoring is good, your ears will be spoiled even more with the soundtrack sung by a sweet black singer who is already famous for his troubled song, Glenn Fredly. With the title “Back to the Beginning” makes your heart cool listening to this song.

It’s not complete, when you watch a movie, you don’t take the positive values ​​from the story. In Twivortiare, there are many lessons to be learned. Especially for those of you who are married or still in a relationship, but want to take it to a more serious level.

For those of you who are bored or feel your partner doesn’t care, you must see how Ben’s attitude is in this film. Different people express affection in different ways. All you need is to look at it from a different point of view.

You can’t be selfish like Lex at the beginning of the story. One of the most important things in being in love is not comparing. Because when you start comparing your relationship with other people, you always feel lacking.

Broadly speaking, this Twivortiare film will win your heart. Especially those who really like the romantic drama genre. Movie Review

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