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The film Unhinged tells the story of an unpleasant day from Rachel (Caren Pistorius) who is involved in a commotion with a mysterious man (Russell Crowe) on a highway. Feeling innocent, Rachel reluctantly apologizes to Tom. However, the man, who is under the influence of anxiety medications and is facing domestic problems, feels even more angry that Rachel did not apologize. He also terrorized Rachel and those closest to him.

Before the film starts, there is an opening that depicts the state of cities in America that are busy and busy in the morning. With the welcoming voices of the radio announcer greeting the workers, things seemed normal, like the morning of the Capital at rush hour. Then, the situation changes to the case of rough rides (driving indiscipline) to trigger road rage action (road rage). Top Movie Site

Cases of rough rides and road rage are shown clearly and become cases that often occur almost everywhere. An orderly traffic crowd encourages one’s emotions and aggression. Usually, rough rides and road rages are followed by swearing and swearing that can even lead to scuffles.

The case is raised in the film Unhinged with other psychological elements that trigger rough rides and road rage behavior. Rachel, with her habit of being late, even blames the situation and leads to her bad luck: being fired from her job, her son being punished for being late for school, and meeting a psychopathic man who kills those closest to her.

Then, do we then justify the behavior of this mysterious man, who only wants a sincere apology from Rachel? Not really! The road rage he experienced was triggered by household problems and the drugs he was taking. With unstable emotions, he took his anger out on Rachel by showing him what a “one bad day” looks like.

Rachel and Tom both had one bad day with their respective psychological problems. The difference is, Tom is under the influence of drugs, while Rachel is with a high ego.

Tom’s one bad day reminds us of the Joker’s dialogue in the animated film Batman: The Killing Joke (2016). “All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day ”. It only took one bad day to turn someone acutely insane. Best Movie

Exactly as the phrase “nudge, cut!” On the road, it is recommended not only to be careful with other vehicles, but also to be self-emotional. Like the tagline of this film “He can happen to anyone”, everything can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Unhinged is included in the feel good action film that can be watched while relaxing and without thinking. The thriller element that is shown is only a small part.

This film illustrates that the horror of the world is not only about natural disasters. Rough rides and road rage cases prove it! The reality of traffic jams and stressful streets in big cities, coupled with irresponsible and selfish people, makes us shake our heads how crazy the world is today.

The Rachel and Tom case is just an example. In this film there are also accident scenes that make us empathetic, as well as annoying because the accident is the driver’s fault, such as driving while chatting or scrolling through social media, or even while grooming.

This film also reminds the audience to be good everywhere, including on the road. We don’t know what problems other people are facing and can turn him into a monster. Rather than adding to your own problems, manage your emotions and empathy better. Amazingly the effect of the word “sorry” can also change a person’s life. Movie Review

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