Vivarium – Synopsis

Vivarium is an American sci-fi drama film directed and written by Lorcan Finnegan.

A teacher named Gemma (Pots) and a craftsman named Tom (Eisenberg) is a young couple with a blurry plan to buying a shared house in an unspecified European city. During the visit used to go to a strange property agent named Martin (Jonathan Aris), Gemma and Tom agreed to visit a new suburban housing development named Yonder on the edge of town, the location looks strange vaguely.


That location Games Online dan Offline also still looks strange, a toy city the size of an identical but endless family home, all painted the same green color stretches under the clear sky. Mysteriously exiled by Martin in the middle of Gemma and Tom’s visit Yonder, the two of them slowly realized that they were deeply bound a nightmare in that place for an ulterior motive that looks creepy.

At a time when the dimensions of development are expanding and also curving in around them, all attempts to escape bring them back towards the same house repeatedly. While the telephone connection and also internet is dead. All the other houses seemed empty too. At the time of inventory food and medicine also began to arrive from nowhere, the couple with reluctant to make them at home in their fancy prison.

Next, a baby boy is present, a human with behavior alien, grow and understand quickly as he perfects abilities strangely by imitating. As Gemma struggles against her maternal impulses increasingly far, digging deep into the area of ​​Yonder. A battle for survival began to form.

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