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Horror genre film, which is based on the culture of the Toraja people, “Walking Dead” Tomate. The film by Toraja filmmaker, Ekadi Katili Pongliku, was produced by Cinekadi Picture worked since December 2017. Top Movie Site

Most of the film’s cast are sons and daughters of Toraja. Even the main characters in this film are dominated by Torajans. The following is a brief synopsis of the film inspired by the story of the walking corpse, rambu solo, ma’nene..

Yuna’s report (Yulinar Arief) to Toraja should be the best coverage, because the results will be included in a photography competition abroad. While doing coverage in Toraja, Yuna invited Dewa (Iqbal Perdana) his best friend and Andy (Aga dewantara), a student majoring in culture from a university in Makassar.

In Toraja they are accompanied by a local guide, Kinaya (Donna Maliwa) who knows the ins and outs of Toraja culture. They attended several cultural events, such as Rambu Solo ’and Ma’nene. During the body dressing (Ma’nene) event, Dewa found the body’s necklace. Encouraged by economic problems and his mother who was hospitalized requires a large fee, Dewa tempted to take a necklace belonging to the late Grandma Limbong Bulaan (Deby Astuti).

After their return to the hotel, Dewa began to be haunted by something. Event after event experienced, until the god was found unconscious, even the body parts of the god began to blister like a corpse. Clara (Fifit Yani), the head of the coverage project, suggested returning to Toraja and returning the necklace and asking for help from “smart people” Om Sarungu, played by Frans Pongsamma.
In conditions that are getting worse can the gods survive from his actions? Best Movie

If you’re curious, maybe you should be patient, okay? Although the plan is to launch on April 16, 2020, but considering that COVID-19 is currently outbreaked, it is likely to be delayed. The film itself has been worked on starting in December 2017. So it’s been a long time. Proving that the director is really serious about working on horror films with this local wisdom.

Later you can see the culture of the Toraja people too. For example Toraja culture that respects the spirits of deceased ancestors, and culture of mutual respect between humans while still alive in the world. So it’s not necessarily a movie that makes the hair crawl, but Walking Dead Tomate also teaches some positive things to the audience.

In addition, in this film also tells about the phenomenon of theft of goods from people who have died. And indeed this is still happening today. So it’s not just bragging. Movie Review

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