Way Back Home – Review

How does it feel to live in a prison far from home, alone, with language difficulties, for mistakes we don’t know about? It must be really heavy. That’s what was found in this South Korean film, Way Back Home.

Song Jeong Yeon, a housewife, has a happy life with her husband, Jong Bae, and son, Hye Rin. Until finally Jong Bae’s friend committed suicide and left a lot of debt in the name of Jong Bae. Their home and business were confiscated. They were forced to live life without money.

In a state of urgency, Jong Bae took a job from his friend, Seo Mundo, to bring jewelry from Guyana to France. Unfortunately, the work is only for girls. Games Online dan Offline

Way Back Home
Way Back Home

Jeong Yeon, who initially didn’t like the idea, finally decided to take the job because she needed money. This is his first experience abroad. But, everything is not as easy as he thought. Arriving at Orly Airport, France, he was suspected. After the suitcase was opened, it was discovered that he didn’t bring jewelry, but cocaine. Jong Yeon, who can only speak Korean, had difficulty understanding the situation.

In the midst of his confusion, Jong Yeon was forced to spend three months in a Paris prison, then moved to Ducon Prison, Martinique Island, Caribbean Islands. He spent 765 days there without a trial. Meanwhile, in Korea, Jong Bae struggles to do everything he can to bring Jong Yeon home.

This Way Back Home story is based on real events. Director Pang Eun Jin claimed to be interested in making this story after reading an article about the arrest of a Korean woman at Orly Airport for being caught carrying drugs in 2004.

The main location of this film is of course life in prison. And, director Pang wants to show a real prison life. Therefore, this film takes many extras in the form of prisoners in the prison, as well as prison officials. So the results are truly real. For those who like tears-drained family drama, Way Back Home is suitable to be our choice.

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