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“I want you more than blue sky. Let the weather go crazy. “Said Hodaka while floating in the sky with Hina in the film. Makoto Shinkai returned with a published work titled Weathering With You. Top Movie Site

A young boy from a remote village in Shikoku named Hodaka (Kotaro Daigo) who left home and decided to live in Tokyo. On his way, he met with Keisuke (Shun Oguri), a strange man on the ship who had saved him. Kei also offered to help Hodaka by giving a business card. Arriving in Tokyo, Hodaka faced difficulties that came and went on his journey. After sleeping in the streets a few times because there was no one else to contact.

Running out of money and confused about what to do, Hodaka decided to contact Keisuke. Hodaka was offered to work as a writer of Keisuke’s local magazine that discusses supernatural and strange things.

While in Tokyo, Hodaka was always followed by strange weather where the rain fell continuously. When writing a story, he hears the story of the weather controller, aka the sunshine girl. He tried to find the truth of an urban legend where there was a young girl who had the power to stop the rain and make the sky clear again. This search makes him meet with Hina Amano (Nana Mori), a girl who has extraordinary powers that can control the weather.

This time Makoto Shinkai presents the story of a teenager who ran away to a big city and a fantasy story of a girl who can control the weather. Eits, not just any fantasy because Makoto Shinkai always has a basis through Japanese myth.

Once upon a time in Japan, there were always sunshine girls in every region or country. In this film Tokyo is told to be hit by a rainy season that does not stop and the sun is very missed. In addition, Shinkai also slipped the history of the city of Tokyo which made the audience say “Ohhh ….”. Best Movie

Still with the characteristics of Shinkai, the visual in the film Weathering with You still feels soothing and neat. Especially for this film, you will see Tokyo’s city landscape, rain water and, amazing sky. For you lovers of cloudy skies, gurgling rain, then beautiful sunlight appears. Not to mention the animation of small fish in the form of water. Your eyes will really be spoiled with good visuals. The romance that was displayed was also a teenage child who was still so naive but exasperating and inviting laughter.

The characters also steal the attention, the figure of Hodaka who is filled with voice by Kotaro Daigo shows a rebel but innocent Japanese teen who likes to ask questions via Yahoo answer. His innocence is what makes the audience laugh, one of the questions is “what gift for an 18-year-old girl?”

Next Games Online dan Offline there was Hina who was voiced by Nana Mori. Despicable kind girl who has this power holds some mysteries. He has a younger brother named Nagi who is voiced by Sakura Kiryū, he really makes the audience laugh. Even though he is younger, his love experience defeated Hodaka. Movie Review

Then the characters Keisuke and Natsumi, who were voiced by Shun Oguri and Tsubasa Honda, were very entertaining. Kei helped Hodaka work in a magazine, and Natsumi was one of the magazine’s employees but was keen to find another job.

One more strength of this film is the direction of the music. Who else if not Radwimps. After successfully enlivening the film Your Name (2016), Radwimps is now hypnotizing again through the music and songs that fit in every scene. The scene that made the skin crawl, when Hodaka and Hina hovered in the sky with the song “Grand Escape” that was stomping slowly. Oh yeah don’t forget the song “Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do?” and “Rain Again”, this song will thrill your heart.

In this film, Makoto Shinkai slipped a surprise. Do not want spoilers, but for those of you fans of previous films will know the answer. Weathering with You features a teenage romance that will thrill and invite laughter. Bombarded with a variety of beautiful visuals that spoil the eyes, the music directed by Radwimps also successfully hypnotized the audience. Fans of Makoto Shinkai’s work must watch the film. Games Online dan Offline

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