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David Lynch celebrated his birthday on January 20, 2020 with the release of a short film titled “What Did Jack Do?“. The film with a duration of 15 minutes has a thick noir nuance with criminal themes and black and white visuals in the style of old films. “What Did Jack Do?” tells the story of a detective, played by David Lynch, who is interrogating a monkey named Jack. As the title suggests, this short film will lead us to the answers; what does Jack do? Is he responsible for the murder case being investigated by the detective? Top Movie Site

Throughout the film, Best Movie Jack and the detective do a ‘conversation’ on a train, while Jack waits for the coffee he has ordered. There aren’t many players in this film either; detective, a monkey, a servant, and a chicken. Yup, we will see a real monkey and chicken playing in this film. With the help of editing on Jack’s mouth, we will see the monkey clash with David Lynch acting. Even though the mouth is clearly edited, we can still see the monkey’s natural and surprisingly accurate expression with every word spoken. David also chose to use simple close-up shooting techniques. The frame only changes focus on each character that is speaking from beginning to end.

What Did Jack Do ?
What Did Jack Do ?

One of the big attractions in the short film “What Did Jack Do?” is the uniqueness and validity that is presented by David in a raw and straightforward manner. As spectators, we will not be explained why suddenly there is a detective interrogating a monkey.

However, it did not take long until we felt it was perfectly natural. It is like watching “Zootopia” noir version which was born from the imagination of David Lynch who likes making crime-themed films. We will be made to laugh with natural dialogue which for us may be funny, but it is delivered in a serious style by Jack and the detective. The humor material in this film will be very entertaining, especially for viewers who like satire humor. Movie Review

“What Did Jack Do?” it was not over-promoted by David Lynch. We can see that this work is a medium for the director to have fun on his birthday, by realizing one of his absurd daydreams about detectives who interrogate a monkey.

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