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The 1965 incident in Indonesia became the spotlight of You and I. It was precisely when there were large-scale arrests of people accused of being PKI sympathizers. Movie Review

The names of the two women are Kaminah and Kusdalini. At the time the film was made, they were 70 and 74 years old, respectively. A row of photos and text explains the background of the two. Kaminah and Kusdalini were arrested for joining the communist youth choir organization. Kaminah was imprisoned when she was just in the second grade of junior high school and had to spend seven years in a cell, while Kusdalini spent two years. Meeting in prison, a strong brother-sister bond grows between them.

After leaving prison, Kaminah was rejected by her family. Luckily, Kusdalini and her grandmother were willing to accommodate Kaminah. The two of them settled in Solo, earning money by selling crackers, and living in a lack thereof in a very simple house, with a leaky roof here and there. Having no money for repairs, Kusdalini installed an umbrella right at the spot of the leak. Even though he is four years older, Kusdalini has to take care of Kaminah, who is both physically and mentally weak. Top Movie Site

Kaminah spends more of her day sitting or lying down. Kaminah’s knees could no longer support her body. Maybe only once a month he went out of the house, when there were regular meetings between survivors of the 1965 tragedy. At that meeting, the latest information was discussed, including the discovery of several mass graves.

Then several times we find Kaminah having trouble remembering the news of her comrades in arms. Kusdalini can always provide answers about who is still alive, who has died. Likewise when Kusdalini forgot the meaning of “red coat”. But after hearing Kaminah answer, “Never Forget History”, Kusdalini immediately replied that of course she wouldn’t forget. Kusdalini will have trouble remembering the terms and conditions of friends, but the injustice that befell her more than five decades ago will never be forgotten.

You and I itself is an effort so that people never forget, not only about the dark history of Indonesia, also about the importance of humanity. The two characters in this film are not siblings, but as fellow humans (who are victims of other human crimes), they feel the need to share their love without being asked. And love is also the source of the film’s biggest emotion.

Fanny doesn’t need to dramatize much. Seeing Kusdalini’s sincerity in caring for her life partner, and Kaminah who always responds with a loving smile is enough to provoke feelings of emotion. “Cheer up,” said Kusdalini to Kaminah, who neared the end of the film, her condition worsened and had to lie weakly in a hospital bed. If your heart is not moved to hear that simple sentence, maybe your human side needs to be questioned.

You and I closed in 2017 after Kaminah died (Kusdalini died a year later). Kusdalini sat alone. He was silent, while in the back, there was a recitation to pray for Kaminah being held. Sometime later, amidst silence, it was Kusdalini’s turn to pray. Because that’s all the common people who are victims of injustice in power holders can do that. Resign, while praying a prayer that will be answered in what way. Best Movie

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